Is Maxsta taking sides in the Wiley/Dizzee Twitter beef?

Is Maxsta taking sides in the Wiley/Dizzee Twitter beef?

A TALENTED artist, it’s a shame Maxta couldn’t just spit the bars on ‘King Dizzee’ without having to make sure everyone knew it wasn’t a disrespect thing.

If you come from the days when grime was literally the soundtrack to the life of an urban youth, it wouldn’t surprise you to hear someone lyrically touch on an issue or passa that was at the fore of everyone’s thinking.

Following the very public spat between Dizzee Rascal and Wiley on Twitter a few weeks back, many fans were left scratching their heads about why it all escalated so quickly.

Beyond the revelations – some new, some old – the back and forth between two of grime’s founding fathers was uneccesary, but hey – that’s music in 2017, right?

The good thing to come out of it was a reminder that Maxta shoulda done so much more with the talent he has.

The east London MC struck the right tone with his delivery on King Dizzee and the beat he sits on is disgusting (in a good way, of course).

It would be good to hear some other artists jump on the beat, but whether that happens or not, you should still go and check out Maxta’s latest offering and be reminded of how east London gave birth to this t’ing called grime.

WATCH KING DIZZEE, BELOW (credit: YouTube/Link Up TV):

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