Introducing Herbalife Nutrition’s vegan protein shake


HERBALIFE NUTRITION is all about giving consumers choice: their meal replacement shakes come in a variety of flavours, and they even have vegetarian, kosher, and soy-free versions of their popular meal replacement shake. The company now offers a vegan protein shake in select markets. 

With forty years’ experience providing science-driven creations (that happen to be taste-bud approved, too), Herbalife is a leading force in the world of nutrition and proud to share its Tri Blend Select product.   

Introducing Tri Blend Select

Why vegan? Herbalife prides itself on providing customers with options. Nearly 5 million of the company’s protein shakes are consumed every day, pointing toward a steady demand for tasty and health-conscious products.

Herbalife’s Tri Blend Select is another opportunity to provide customers with a variety of healthy options. Consumer practices are shifting. More and more shoppers want “clean” labels – products with ethical manufacturing processes and animal welfare in mind. 

While veganism is on the rise, many people still correlate vegan food with poor taste or quality.

Not Herbalife’s Tri Blend Select.

It’s what the nutrition company likes to call “uncompromising”. Each ingredient is sourced from generational farmers and producers that have a proven track record for quality. These farming communities have been around for years and years, treating their services as a way of life. Expert knowledge, quality first, and environmentally friendly processes. They understand and appreciate local habitats. Their agricultural work doesn’t take precedence – it coexists with plants and animals, yielding sustainable growth, as well as the organic and delicious ingredients that make up Tri Blend Select.

The ingredients

Herbalife’s mission in creating Tri Blend Select has always been people-focused: the right people creating the right drink for the right consumers – those who enjoy a health-conscious, vegan-friendly protein shake.

What separates Tri Blend Select from other vegan protein shakes is not only its attention to taste, but also the carefully calculated blend of Herbalife ingredients that make it so pure.

First, of course, is the company’s commitment to sourcing organic and wholefood ingredients. Tri Blend Select’s formula has been designed to increase fiber and protein intake while still providing other essential vitamins and minerals.

The “Tri” of the blend 

Then there’s the “tri” of the blend: pea, quinoa, and flaxseed. 

Did you know? Pea proteins are friends of the digestion system and don’t pose as much of an allergy risk as soy or dairy. Herbalife Nutrition sources its pea proteins from France, which acts as a sort of Mecca of pea agriculture. Seriously, they’ve been grown there for hundreds of years!

As for flaxseed, it’s another pal of the digestive system. You may have used it before to cure an upset stomach, but it’s also high in a heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acid called alpha-linolenic acid. 

Mix in its protein, fiber, and phosphorous for bone strength, and it’s impossible to deny the healthy punch that flaxseed packs. Herbalife’s product comes from Canada, which, due to its northern climate, helps strengthen the alpha-linolenic acid and iodine content. 

And last but not least, there’s quinoa. Non-vegans (or recent converts) tend to be most familiar with this incredibly healthy ingredient. Quinoa comes loaded with protein, vitamins, minerals, and healthy fats. 

Herbalife’s quinoa is sourced from Colombia, a country well-versed in its cultivation. Also worth mentioning–quinoa is gluten-free – yet another advantage pending diet restrictions.

Pea, flaxseed, and quinoa make up the main base of Tri Blend Select. In fact, pea accounts for about 50 per cent of the formula, flaxseed roughly 11 per cent, and quinoa approximately 5 per cent.

Other ingredients

In addition to pea, flaxseed, and quinoa, Tri Blend Select incorporates organic rice fibre, organic coconut blossom nectar powder, rice protein isolate, inulin (chicory), gluten-free oat fibre, natural flavourings, sweetener (steviol glycosides), and acerola cherry extract. 

The banana flavour in particular is high in protein and low in sugar, without jeopardising taste. Each serving offers 20g of protein, along with 6g of fibre, as well as Vitamin C and 7 other key minerals. 


While Tri Blend Select is most commonly consumed as a meal replacement shake, it has a variety of usage – at any point in the day. Consider it a post-workout recovery drink or protein shake to accompany your meal or even as a mix for overnight oats. Stir it up with oats, seeds, berries, and yogurt the night before and wake up to a nutritious drink.

Tri Blend Select is also well suited for baking. Herbalife’s high-quality ingredients lend themselves to being baked, whether that’s as a crunch bar, protein ball, or some other delicious recipe.     

Veganism at a glance

Herbalife Nutrition makes products for anyone and everyone looking to live a more healthy lifestyle. However, not all products can be applied to a strict vegan diet. If veganism is of interest, it’s important to understand what it is and the benefits of following the demands of the lifestyle.

Not only does veganism shift one’s eating to a plant-based diet, but it also removes dairy products, eggs, and honey. While a vegan diet can prove quite healthy (more on this below), there’s also a moral force behind the plan.

Those who practice veganism do so to exclude the exploitation and cruelty of animals, be it for food, clothing, or other products. 

From a health standpoint, plant-based diets offer much value. They shift focus to very specific food groups: fruits and vegetables, legumes, and whole grains. Fruits and vegetables are loaded with nutrients, despite their low-calorie count. So, consumers get a lot more “bang for their buck”.

Vegan diets often have less saturated fats and cholesterol, which results in less risk of heart disease, obesity, type 2 diabetes, and various cancers. Plus, there’s the added humanistic value of having a social impact. 

Finding protein

A challenge with veganism can be finding enough good protein every day. Protein is essential to a healthy human body, especially with a rigorous exercise regimen since protein is necessary to help restore and build muscle.

Dietary proteins are made up of building blocks called amino acids. There are 21 amino acids in various foods, with 9 deemed “essential” because they’re acids that the body doesn’t produce. 

Except for soybeans, the majority of plant-based foods lack at least one of the essential amino acids. 

The answer? Not only a variety of plant-based foods, but protein shakes. Using vegan protein powder is a great way to hit daily protein goals without consuming a large amount of calories. Herbalife’s Tri Blend Select is intended to help consumers do just that.

The need for more vegan-friendly shakes that don’t make consumers scrunch their noses when drinking isn’t going away. Think back to the “conscientious consumer”—as people buy more stock in their own health routines, more options are beneficial. 

Choosing what works for you

Above all else, Herbalife Nutrition is committed to creating healthy products that work for a diverse community of people. The company employs over 300 scientists whose work begins with Herbalife’s ingredients. Every product goes through rigorous testing to ensure quality and to comply with government regulations in the 94 countries they operate in.

Diet is a ubiquitous term that’s often misused. A lot of focus seems to be put on the “lose” side of a diet, when, in reality, your diet can be much more generalised. What are you eating? How? When? 

Dieting isn’t just about losing weight. It’s about finding a healthy nutritional balance and developing strong goals that are both realistic and measurable. 

Herbalife’s nutritional philosophy rests upon three pillars:

1. Balanced nutrition

2. Healthy, active lifestyle

3. Personalised programming

In crafting its products, the Herbalife Nutrition team looks to create opportunities for consumers to engage in a healthy lifestyle that is driven by balanced nutrition. Whether its Herbalife’s new Tri Blend Select for practicing vegans, or its flagship product like the Formula 1 Nutritional Shake Mix, there is a common theme of high-quality and high-priority.

That priority is helping people live healthier lives by giving them better choices. In today’s world of options (both good and bad), health is something that demands attention. Herbalife remains committed to providing its large consumer base with products that adapt to shifting demand and emerging trends. 

This commitment led to the creation of Tri Blend Select. As people explore their health options and adopt different diets, Herbalife Nutrition plans to be there every step of the way, utilising its talented team of scientists and dieticians to create products that help people live their best lives.

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