Introducing ‘Brickell’ from the Marley point of view


Yohan Marley, son of the legendary family from Kingston Jamaica, is writing another chapter in Jamaican music with his foray into Reggae inspired music with a global fusion.

With the release of his new single “Brickell” featuring his brother Jo Mersa, Yohan continues to highlight his unique sound and style.

“Brickell” which was released on Ghetto Youths International on September 4, 2020, produced by Karloff, is a modern R&B/Pop infused single capturing the feel of South Miami.

Yohan captures the city lights, luxurious eclectic lifestyle and vibrant culture, which encompass the Brickell streets of Miami. 

“The song came to me late one night looking out over Downtown Miami and the Brickell area,” Yohan explained.

He added: “The lights, the water, the people, the energy, the culture…I was soaking it all in on a balcony high above and the inspiration came.

“Always a joy to make music with my brother Joseph, the first of many I’m releasing to the world”

Jo Mersa adds his outstanding DJ style to the track, which compliments the nightlife aura and the notable smooth signature DJ style. 

Distributed by Ghetto Youths International “Brickell” is giving the nostalgic Miami lifestyle so many are missing right now and looking forward to returning to soon.

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