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WELCOME TO the transcendent sounds of Alewya. Released this week, ‘Sweating’ is her first official single via independent label, Because London Records.

The melodies of “Sweating” are buoyed by future-facing productions, drawing influence from her African roots and UK club culture.

The track is accompanied by hypnotic visuals vibrating with kinetic energy rich with enthralling rhythms and dancers. It’s sensual melodies implore you to move.

Alewya says on Sweating: “It’s about feeling chemistry with someone but also about a female who is not afraid of her prowess and power. It’s a mood.”

Although a producer in her own right, for this single Alewya has brought in UK and Ghana based producer The Busy Twist who makes African inspired Bass Music that re-joins the dots between Accra and London.

The two coming together is a fire fuelled fusion of the deepest club rhythms.

The translation of Alewya’s name from Arabic means ‘most high’ or ‘the highest’ so it’s fitting that her music centres around the idea of transcendence.

Her music is an accessible space for her and her listeners to connect spiritually.

“I want to move people to themself. I want them to feel the same way that I felt when I had a taste of a higher power and felt there was a presence over me. I want people to feel that,” she enthused.

After spending four years in New York, she returned to west London where she was raised. Alewya, of Egyptian and Ethiopia descent grew up nestled in a community rich with diaspora from around the globe.

It was here she received a nourishing musical education that can be heard throughout her music. 

Both her music and art are deep broodings through euphoria, heartache, melancholy and back again. Alewya is challenging you to remember the last time you really felt connected. And as she finds the connections between disparate worlds, Alewya wants to make you feel, and make you dance.

Alewya has also featured on Little Simz’s Drop 6 album on track ‘where’s my lighter’. 

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