How to maximise your energy

How to maximise your energy

DRAINING: There are a number of elements of modern life that can affect our energy levels

DIFFERENT GOVERNMENTS, officials, environmental agencies exhort us to conserve the energy we use in order to save the environment and sustain our continued existence on the planet.

On a personal level I think that we also need to know how to conserve, focus and maximise our own personal supply of energy.

We unconsciously dissipate and waste our energy on people, situations, thoughts, attitudes and events which do not serve us well.

This leaves less space and energy for creating and attracting the kind of abundance that we want in our lives.

Interestingly enough I’ve also found that as I conserve, focus and thereby maximise my energy, I tend to use less energy on craving and acquiring ‘stuff’, but more energy focusing on what is truly important to me, thereby helping the environment.

So here are five ways to maximise your personal energy supply:

1. Release resistance
Releasing resistance will effect a profound change in your level of energy and how you view the world.

Releasing resistance is all about giving yourself permission to stop that situation that we all find ourselves in from time to time – where we do things because we ‘ought to’, or ‘have tos’ even though we hate the thought of it.

This kind of thinking often feels as though we are going against ourselves in order to satisfy some internal or other authority and it takes a tremendous amount of energy to be resistant.

Other types of thinking that use up a tremendous amount of energy include procrastination, using willpower and discipline to effect change (otherwise known as ‘I have to struggle to achieve what I want’), stubbornness, inflexibility, wanting to be right rather than happy (a very popular one), and holding on to self-limiting beliefs way past their sell by date.

Releasing resistance can be as easy as just making a decision to let go of whatever you are holding on to.

2. Watch less TV
Watching TV unconsciously is very exhausting. Haven’t you noticed that when you watch TV continuously and do little else, you become extremely tired? That’s because you are merely a passive recipient of information that you’re not fully engaged with.

On an energetic level, taking in all of those rays from the TV (similar to a computer) is overstimulating on a physiological level. And of course, while you are watching TV, it means that you’re not doing something more productive.

Am I saying that you stop watching TV altogether? No, but to be more selective and watch only those programs that you are engaged with.

I’d also say that stop watching the TV news – all of that manufactured fear really affects you on a cellular level. I find that my mindset, moods and overall energy improve significantly when I watch less TV.

3. Consciously create vacuums
Ever heard of the saying ‘Nature abhors a vacuum’? If you clean out an area of your life, you are giving the universe a message to bring in something to replace it.

This is otherwise known as energetic and/or physical clutter clearing.

Start with either. Most people find it easier to start with clearing out the physical which has an effect on their energies.

You are consciously creating the space for change to occur and inviting what you want into your life. This is much easier than working to make things happen.

4. Avoid/deal with ‘energy vampires’
One of the quickest ways to get an energy boost is to disassociate yourself from those with those whose energy drains you.

Unless you live in complete isolation from others, you have probably encountered at least one negative person in your life.

Negative people are everywhere, be it in our workplace, in social circles, or sometimes our family.

Cutting off contact with negative people is a very effective tactic.

As the writer John Assaraf has said: “I just do not hang around with anybody that I don’t want to be with. Period.

“For me, that’s been a blessing, and I can stay positive. I hang around people who are happy, who are growing, who want to learn, who don’t mind saying sorry or thank you and [are] having a fun time.”

Unfortunately, cutting off a negative person becomes a little more difficult if the individual you are trying to avoid is a member of your family, work colleague or boss.

If it’s a work colleague you are trying to avoid then limit the communication to just work-related issues.

If the energy vampire is a friend, then try to hang out with them less; if you have to, try and socialise with them as part of a bigger group.

5. Create quiet time for yourself every day
Not to do anything (unless it relaxes you), but just to clear and refresh your mind.

We are human beings, not doings.

There are times when our crowded schedule and minds don’t allow space and time for the creative to be welcomed in. Einstein liked to go sailing in the afternoons after working in the morning.

Okay, most of us don’t have this opportunity – but you get the point.

If you only do one of the above, you could experience huge progress in shutting out negative energy from your life.