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Heavy bombing by Israeli forces threatens to turn Gaza Strip into a TENT CITY –

Written by on 14/10/2023

Gaza Strip is slowly being transformed into a “tent city” after being hit by relentless Israeli airstrikes. Countless homes and vehicles lay in ruins, and emergency services are tirelessly searching for survivors amid the rubble.

Defense for Children International Palestine, a human rights group, has confirmed the deaths of at least 140 Palestinian children since the start of this wave of violence. Over 200 locations across Gaza have been targeted, resulting in the loss of more than 700 lives and leaving 4,000 others injured.

Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant declared that “all restraints on fighters have been released,” signaling an escalation in the conflict. He emphasized that the situation in Gaza would undergo a profound transformation. The offensive began with airstrikes and would eventually involve a ground operation. Israel has maintained control since the second day of the conflict and is committed to intensifying its efforts.

Gallant also expressed a resolve to eliminate those who seek to commit acts of violence against civilians, emphasizing that no compromise would be made. He highlighted the particular targeting of the Al-Furqan neighborhood, which Israeli officials identified as a “nest of terror.” This area, named after a local mosque, was allegedly used by Hamas to launch attacks on Israel.

In the course of the military operations, strikes destroyed a Hamas-linked Islamic university and targeted 80 Hamas-related sites in the Beit Hanoun area of the northeastern Gaza Strip, including two bank branches believed to be used for “funding terrorism.”


Israel’s actions have also included the suspension of supplies including food, water, electricity and fuel, to Palestinian territories.

The conflict, which has already claimed over 2,100 lives on both sides, is expected to escalate further, reflecting Israel’s determination to dismantle the militant group.

In Israel, at least 1,200 people have lost their lives, while Gaza officials report that 900 individuals have perished.

On Saturday morning, Oct. 7, Hamas militants launched a deadly incursion into Israel, claiming the lives of numerous residents in homes and streets near the Gaza border. (Related: PROXY WAR: Biden’s $235M funding of Palestine in 2021 contributed to Hamas’ violent attacks on Israel.)

This assault also marked the first time in decades that gun battles unfolded within Israeli towns. According to Israel, about 150 soldiers and civilians have been taken hostage by Hamas and other militant groups in Gaza.

In response to these escalations, Israel intensified its military campaign on Tuesday, Oct. 10, mobilizing an additional 360,000 reservists. The Israeli military announced that it had successfully regained control over areas that were previously attacked by Hamas in the southern region and secured the Gaza border.

A pressing question that remains is whether Israel will initiate a ground invasion of Gaza. This 25-mile-long strip of land, sandwiched between Israel, Egypt and the Mediterranean Sea, is home to 2.3 million people and has been under Hamas governance since 2007.

Humanitarian crisis looms in Gaza strip

In Gaza, pleas for relief amid unrelenting Israeli bombardments have thrust the densely populated area into a dire humanitarian crisis. The territory is now under a complete siege, with Israel cutting off access to food, water, fuel and electricity in retaliation for a recent Hamas attack on Israeli southern towns.

The main power plant has exhausted its fuel, leaving Gaza’s 2.3 million residents in darkness.

“The airstrikes are everywhere, the bombs are everywhere, the smell of death is everywhere,” said Wajeh Abu Zarefeh, a journalist in Gaza.

Zarefeh said there is no safe place, nowhere to escape and to run.

Anas Babas, NPR‘s producer, said they are trying to survive while covering the war for the world. He tried to evacuate his family from their home. But after realizing there was no safe place, he just took them back home.

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Watch this scary footage from Gaza Strip.

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