Headie One statues pop up around London in promotion of his upcoming album


STATUES OF rapper Headie One have popped up around London, in promotion of his latest album. 

The promotional campaign accompanies his second album of 2020, Edna.

It will be released via Relentless Records on Friday 10th October.

It features recent single “Only You Freestyle” ft Drake, and the recently released “Breathing”. 

In an interview with 16Bars, he revealed the album was named after his late mother, who passed when he was just three years old.

He said: “I grew up with my pops and my sister, that was my household”.

The use of a statue in promotion is a nod towards recent events surrounding the Black Lives Matter movement.

Whether intentional or not, statues have become symbolic this year, following mass protests against statues of racist or problematic figures.

Music journalist Aaron Bishop described the genre of UK drill as “protest music” in The Quietus.

He describes it as: “A middle finger to the establishment.”

25-year-old Headie One, also known as Irving Adjei, grew up in Tottenham, and has been described by Drake as “the best drill artist in the world.”

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