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Harry Styles Officially Revived the ‘Banana Song’ – Billboard

Written by on 08/03/2023

In 2021, Harry Styles unveiled the “Banana Song” onstage in Nashville, Tenn., warping the lyrics to “Watermelon Sugar” to shout out a fan in the audience dressed as, you guess it, a banana.



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See latest videos, charts and news

The sweet moment turned into a hilarious inside joke among Styles’ fans, affectionately known as Harries, who since then, often go to his shows dressed as various produce to catch the Grammy winner’s attention.

On Tuesday (Mar. 7), it worked. While performing at Mt Smart Stadium in Auckland, New Zealand, Styles broke out into the “Banana Song” once again after spotting a few fans dressed as the yellow fruit. “She’s dressed as a banana / She’s dressed as a banana / Aye, aye aye,” he’s seen singing joyfully in a viral video posted by a fan to TikTok. Styles then sees a few more banana-dressed attendees and sings, “There’s two more bananas / Aye, aye, aye / One, two, three, four bananas / I can see a fifth banana.”

The “Banana Song” soon got an extended remix, thanks to some veggies in the audience. “There’s two people dressed up as peas / There’s two people dressed up as peas,” he sings, pointing to fans. “Is there anyone dressed as an aubergine? / Is there anyone dressed as an aubergine? / No, no, no, there’s not, there’s not an aubergine.”

Styles has just recently wrapped his Love on Tour dates in Australia and New Zealand, and will be heading to Asia in the next few weeks, stopping in Thailand, the Philippines, South Korea, Japan and more.

Watch the 2023 edition of the “Banana Song” below.

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