Four teens jailed over murder at girl's 16th birthday party

Four teens jailed over murder at girl’s 16th birthday party

PICTURED: Lewis Blackman (Image: Metropolitan Police)

FOUR TEENAGERS have been jailed for the murder of Lewis Blackman after a confrontation at a 16th birthday party in Kensington escalated into a fatal street brawl.

Following their Old Bailey sentencing on Friday, the attackers were named for the first time after judge Anthony Leonard QC lifted reporting restrictions that prevented publication of their identities.

The court heard that 19-year-old Lewis, of York Way in Camden, was fatally injured after he and a number of his associates attempted to gain access to a party that they had not been invited to in Kensington in February 2017.

Lewis, who was known to his friends as “Dotty”, was fatally stabbed when he was chased down in the street by a mob armed with weapons.

Lawrence Nkunku, 17, was sentenced to a life for murder with a minimum term of 18 years. Thierry Edusei, 16, was found guilty of manslaughter and jailed for 11 years. Paul Glasgow, 17, was sentenced to a life for murder with a minimum term of 18 years.

Demario Williams, 17, was sentenced to a life for murder with a minimum term of 20 years. During the altercation, Williams suffered an injury to his forearm that he later sought treatment for at a north London hospital. Investigating officers identified him as the teen who first stabbed Lewis.

GUILTY: From left to right, Paul Glasgow, Lawrence Nkunku, Theirry Edusei and Demario Williams (Image: Metropolitan Police)

Nkunku, Edusei, and Glasgow were convicted in October 2018 but their sentencings were timed to coincide with the sentencing of Williams.

Two other 18-year-old males known only as B and H were found not guilty of murder.

At around 3.20am on Sunday, 18 February, two Metropolitan Police officers on patrol were responding to reports of a large number of vehicles in Logan Place, west London, following a nearby party, when they discovered a Lewis laying in the street suffering from stab wounds.

The officers immediately administered first aid to Lewis prior to the arrival of the London Ambulance Service but despite extensive efforts to save him, the teenager was pronounced dead at the scene at 3:46am.

A post-mortem examination held on Monday, February 19, discovered that Lewis had suffered 13 stab wounds from multiple knives. His cause of death was recorded as stab wounds to the chest.

Detectives from the Met’s Homicide and Major Crime Command established that on the evening prior to Lewis’ death, a girl had rented out a property in Earls Court Road as the venue for her 16th birthday party.

She had drawn up a guest list of around 50 people, careful to invite people she knew from the Hackney area as she was aware of tensions between some of those invited and other men from Camden. However, the invite was posted on social media.

A group of uninvited men, including Lewis, arrived at the property between 2am and 3am. They were refused entry but forced open the door and gained access.

A panic ensued in which many attendees fled the apartment via front door and bedroom in a bid to escape an altercation between Lewis’ group and a number of attendees, which then spilled outside onto the street.

Witnesses described seeing a group of around 10 men being chased by a larger group of around 20; members of both parties were reported to have been wearing hooded clothing and to have been armed with weapons, including poles and knives.

Lewis, who had been part of the smaller group, fell behind to confront his pursuers.

Apparently realising the danger he was in, he then tried to run away from the group again but was caught by a member of the chasing party wearing a light-coloured jacket, who stabbed him with significant force.

Following Friday’s sentencing, police CCTV footage of the moments leading up to Lewis’ death.

Lewis continued to run for another 20 or 30 yards before he collapsed, at which point several more members of the group chasing him caught up with Lewis and brutally attacked him, stabbing him multiple times as he lay helpless on the floor.

Armed with a BB gun, one of Lewis’ associates went back to confront the group, who then fled towards Earls Court Road.
As Lewis lay dying, witnesses described hearing a number of people shouting: “The boys from north got Dotty.”

Witnesses later described that the group that attacked Lewis appeared to be visibly excited by what had just happened as they made their way from the scene.

Investigating officer, DCI Mark Cranwell, of the Homicide and Major Crime Command, said: “There is no excuse for the violence that Lewis Blackman was subjected to.

“The group who attacked him, all of them teenage boys, acted with almost unimaginable ferocity by inflicting 14 stab wounds. To then be captured laughing and joking to themselves in apparent triumph as another young man lay bleeding to death is beyond comprehension.

“Now four young men will spend some of the best and most promising years of their lives in prison when they could have been doing something positive and productive. Lewis’ family have been left grieving for the loss of a young life taken far too soon.”

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