Formula E: Presenting a really good opportunity with innovative scheme


NOT ONLY is Formula E setting the standard when it comes to climate change and protecting our environmental future, their latest announcement shows they will soon become leaders in the fight to diversify motor sport.

They announced an open talent call for new presenters aged 18-24 years old on International Youth Day and Formula E’s Chief Executive Officer, Jamie Reigle, is keen to talk up the series’ plans to improve diversity within its organisation. 

The scheme is a call to action for youngsters to put themselves forward to come and be a part of our paddock crew in a role that will see them analysing and commentating. 

Jamie Reigle, Formula E’s Chief Executive Officer,

Motorsport has long been the bastion of middle-aged white males and the newest FIA series has already started to buck the trend with 46% of their staff being female. Yet the Canadian, who has been in the role for under a year, is well aware there is much more to do particularly in regards to better representation when it comes to age and ethnicity. 

Reigle told The Voice: “The scheme is a call to action for youngsters to put themselves forward to come and be a part of our paddock crew in a role that will see them analysing and commentating on Formula E. 


“The four finalists will get a chance to work with our existing team, with the winner taking on a role in Formula E next year.”

The focus on youth talent acknowledges that FE’s audience is slightly different from other race series, and hopefully the result will benefit all involved in the sport. 

He adds: “We hope the initiative will create an opportunity and benefit us, primarily from an audience perspective, by allowing us to have a different tone of voice and a different approach in the content we produce. 

“Our audience is younger and more likely to care about innovation and climate change so we want to talk to them in a more authentic way as well as create more opportunities and pathways for those looking to get into the industry.”


Not only will the winner become the newest on-screen and presenting star for the 2021 season, the four finalists will be paid to attend testing later this year and receive mentoring from the current media team which includes former E4 presenter, Vernon Kay. 

LOOKING AHEAD: Jamie Reigle, CEO of Formula E

In an industry that routinely encourages fledging talent to work for free; this will allow those from less affluent backgrounds the chance to learn and build a portfolio while competing for the coveted role. 

Reigle explained why the security of a salary was vital to the scheme. “It can be very hard for young people coming into any business when they’re starting out. But my view is that when a company brings new talent on board, regardless of the role, paying them is a sign of value.

“It also means that economic consideration isn’t a barrier to applications while also increasing the value to the employer.”

Long term

The media talent search is only the beginning of a long-term plan where fresh talent will regularly be recruited as the electric car series commits to improving diversity across the entire competition. 

Reigle concludes: “As discussed in our #PositivelyCharged open letter, we’re trying to create opportunities within motor sport as a whole. A lot of the discussion focuses on the drivers in regards to their gender or ethnicity as they’re the most visible. 

“But my team and I want to create opportunities across the broader spectrum of this great product we have and ensure inclusivity across the entire series.

“Media is the first department we’ve focused on but we’ll be looking at all departments, such as engineering and medical.”

With the talent call open until September 12, Formula E’s aim is loud and clear. 

It’s time to stop talking about change and start facilitating it. 

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