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Former Twitter execs GRILLED by House Republicans over censorship, possible violations of the Constitution –

Written by on 11/02/2023

Image: Former Twitter execs GRILLED by House Republicans over censorship, possible violations of the Constitution

(Natural News)
The Republican-led Oversight and Accountability Committee at the House of Representatives grilled several former Twitter executives Wednesday, Feb. 8, over their possible role in censorship and First Amendment violations.

The former Twitter executives were asked to clarify the company’s decision to limit the reach of a New York Post investigative article on the contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop just weeks before the 2020 election.

Thanks to the vigorous questioning of the Republican committee members, Twitter’s former chief legal officer, Vijaya Gadde, and former head of trust and safety, Yoel Roth, were forced to admit that it was “wrong” and a “mistake” for the social media platform to block access to the crucial story right before the election.

Several GOP members of the committee also accused the former executives of censoring members of Congress and violating their First Amendment right to free speech. (Related: Latest “Twitter Files” drop proves Twitter has SECRET BLACKLISTS of prominent conservatives.)

Rep. Lauren Boebert of Colorado accused Twitter of censorship after her account was shadowbanned for tweeting a joke suggesting Hillary Clinton wanted to rig the 2020 election.

“You silenced me from communicating with the American people over a freaking joke,” said Boebert. “Now who the hell do you think you are?”

“The Hunter Biden laptop story was suppressed, a sitting member of Congress was suppressed, a sitting president was banned from Twitter,” Boebert added. “You know, I bet that Putin is sitting in the Kremlin wishing he had as much election interference as you four here today.”


“You abused the power of a large corporation and Big Tech to censor Americans,” said Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia. “I’m so glad that you are censored now and I’m so glad that you’ve lost your jobs. Thank God Elon Musk bought Twitter.”

Former Twitter executives may not face any real consequence for their actions until Republicans retake White House

In an episode of “The Ben Armstrong Show,” the New American journalist Ben Armstrong noted that while it feels good to see those former Twitter executives get relentlessly questioned by Congress, it is unlikely any of them will face any real consequence for their actions while the Democratic Party is in control of the White House.

“I cannot tell you that these Twitter employees are going to face any real consequences like they should,” he said. “At least Elon Musk fired them and they’re not employed anymore. But will they face any real consequences for colluding with the federal government and breaking laws and shattering the Constitution with our Department of Justice? I don’t see how that’s even possible.”

Armstrong pointed out that Republican members of Congress can only question these Twitter executives all they like, but they can’t take them to court. All they can do is refer their potentially lawbreaking activities to the Justice Department, which could pursue charges.

But because the Democratic administration of President Joe Biden currently controls America’s executive, it is unlikely the Justice Department will do what it should be doing. “Our Justice Department will let them go because our Justice Department agrees with shredding and destroying the Constitution.”

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Watch this episode of “The Ben Armstrong Show” as Ben Armstrong goes into detail regarding what happened during the first hearing with the former Twitter executives.

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