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Florida Republicans introduce bill to ban Pride flags at schools and government buildings –

Written by on 22/01/2024

Florida Republicans introduce bill to ban Pride flags at schools and government buildings

Republican state lawmakers in Florida have introduced a bill in the state’s House of Representatives that seeks to prohibit certain flags in government buildings and schools, including the LGBT Pride and Black Lives Matter (BLM) flags.

Florida House GOP members introduced House Bill (HB) 901 on Jan. 17, which was sponsored by State Reps. Randy Fine and David Borrero. Under the measure, “a governmental entity may not erect or display a flag that represents a political viewpoint – including, but not limited to, a politically partisan, racial, sexual orientation and gender or political ideology viewpoint.” According to the Tampa Bay Times, HB 901 “would not affect flying such things as the U.S. flag, the state flag and the POW-MIA flag.”

The Florida House’s Constitutional Rights, Rule of Law & Government Operations Subcommittee voted 9-5 along party lines to approve the bill. However, it needs to clear the chamber’s State Affairs Committee before it can go to the full Florida House. A similar bill in the Florida Senate has not been heard in committees, according to the Times.

“The bill … drew heavy opposition from LGBT people, activists and parents. [In contrast], supporters said the bill is aimed at preventing ‘indoctrination’ in places such as schools. [They also] said the measure would not prevent people from flying flags at their homes or other private places, just not at government buildings.

GOP State Rep. Doug Bankson said of the bill: “This is something that literally is bringing us back to the focus of education and not indoctrination.”

“I don’t want the Hamas flag flying in this room, I don’t want the BLM flag flying in this room and I don’t want the ‘Trump for president’ flag flying in this room,” said Fine. “Those aren’t appropriate. They’re not appropriate in this room; they’re not appropriate in our schools; [and] they’re not appropriate in our government buildings.” (Related: City council in Michigan BANS LGBT flags from public property – take note, White House.)

LGBT mafia watching Florida’s anti-groomer laws closely

Democratic state lawmakers voiced out their opposition to HB 901 during the Jan. 17 legislative session where it was tackled.

Democratic State Rep. Dotie Joseph decried the measure as one that “validates hate,” adding: “It fosters the same kind of intolerance that breeds the violence that makes our communities unsafe. How it does that is by instead of fostering tolerance, [it focuses] on intolerance for culture wars.”

Democratic State Rep. Johanna Lopez also agreed, pointing out that HB 901 is “not about indoctrination … [but] about discrimination.” Democratic State Rep. Lindsay Cross noted that the measure “is moving us backward and not forward.”

Meanwhile, an Axios piece stated that “the bill comes as Florida has proposed and implemented a series of controversial initiatives regarding LGBT people in the state.” It added: “LGBT advocates are watching a handful of Florida bills with concern. More than a dozen bills in Florida currently carry possible implications for LGBT people in the state.”

According to the piece, GOP Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis pursued what activists smeared as a “slate of hate” laws that reportedly targeted aspects of LGBT individuals’ daily lives. However, these laws were actually meant to curb LGBT grooming, which often happens in the public school system.

Some of DeSantis’ actions that the LGBT mafia saw in a negative light included the expansion of the Parental Rights in Education Act, a law dubbed as the “Don’t Say Gay” bill during its journey. The governor also implemented a book ban that targeted children’s books about LGBT identity.

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Watch this video of a man explaining why he won’t worship the LGBT Pride flag, and why others should not.

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