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Filmmaker Eli Steele says that within 10 minutes of walking away from SUV during film shoot with father, criminals broke into vehicle and stole $15,000 worth of cameras –

Written by on 04/09/2023

SAN FRAN CRIME INSANITY: Filmmaker Eli Steele says that within 10 minutes of walking away from SUV during film shoot with father, criminals broke into vehicle and stole $15,000 worth of cameras

The crime situation in San Francisco has gone from bad to worse after filmmaker Eli Steele tweeted about what happened to him and his father after just 10 minutes of being away from their vehicle in one of the iconic city’s richest neighborhoods.

Eli had walked away from his rental car to film a shot with his father Shelby when upon returning just 10 minutes later he noticed the windows were smashed in and $15,000 worth of camera equipment – or so he thought – had been taken.

It turns out that closer to $30,000 worth of camera equipment had been stolen once Eli conducted a full inventory. He immediately called 911 to report the incident, only to be hung up on not once but twice.

Captured video footage showed a black Chevy Blazer with California license plate 9AAZ318 on it as carrying the culprits, but San Francisco police were nowhere to be found.

“SF police doing nothing,” Eli tweeted about the incident. “It’s so bad that my friend is calling gang members for help.”

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Despite ongoing collapse, San Francisco city council members want MORE police defunding

Eli and his father went down to the local police station to report the crime, only to realize that the lobby was filled with other people whose vehicles had also been broken into.

After waiting 15 minutes to talk to an officer, Eli and his dad noticed that more and more people were flooding into the station to report vehicle break-ins and other criminal activity.


While this was happening, a Mercedes pulled up outside the station, its occupants looking into car windows for more items to steal. Eli and his father yelled at them, prompting one of them to pull out a gun as a threat.

They filed a police report about this as well, though not one single officer ever showed up to help. All of this occurred on “famous Lombard Street,” Eli tweeted, noting that this is one of the richest neighborhoods in not just San Francisco but in all of America.

“I’ve worked dangerous neighborhoods for years and nothing like this,” Eli lamented.

An officer finally took down all of Eli’s information and expressed sympathy for the unfortunate occurrence. However, she notified him that nothing would likely happen as “the police have been defanged.”

Eli and his father followed up on the incident by attending a “reparations” meeting of the city council, which was also asking for even more defunding of the police.

“Just crazy,” he wrote about the proposition, especially in light of all the constant crime that continues to occur throughout San Francisco.

“Just learned from a Good Samaritan that the license plate on the Blazer was stolen off a 2022 Mitsubishi owned by Enterprise,” Eli further wrote about the vehicle that broke into his rental car and robbed him.

“Just as SF locals told us would be the case. Guy at Hertz car rental at SFO said they average 30 cars a day that have been broken into.”

In speaking to his insurance agent about the fiasco, Eli was told by the woman that she is “not surprised” he encountered such things in San Francisco. In fact, she revealed that her own car was stolen despite taking great precautions to avoid such a fate.

“I’ve had camera gear stolen from a rental car in that same exact spot, probably 15 years ago,” another filmmaker responded to Eli on Twitter about the incident.

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