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Feid Explains the Stories Behind the Photo – Billboard

Written by on 28/10/2023

Feid explains the stories behind these photos backstage at Billboard’s Latin Music Week 2023.


Hello love, I’m Feid and I’m gonna to take you Behind the Photo with Billboard!


First photo. This photo was the last one was we took in the studio when we finished “Felix Cumpleaños Ferxxo.”


Before our album got pirated we were having some drinks, we were having a good time. Listening to the album from start to finish, joking around and having fun. I’m the kind of person who takes a lot of photos of the moment of the space, of everything. My photo roll is full. This was a selfie I didn’t want to forget, nor that moment, as we put a lot of love into that project. Considering I started making that album with a broken foot. So it was lovely, and later on walking, listening to it and everything.


Well the second photo is this…what a gem, look! Ferxxo wearing Ferxxo’s glasses. Mr.Yankee wearing Ferxxo’s glasses and, Don Yandel wearing Ferxxo’s glasses. That was a dream come true for me because, I believe I’ve said it in many interviews, and many people know that one of my influences and someone who has shaped my life as a reggaeton artist has been Yankee. And I used to make Photoshop edits with Yandel when I was in school. It was like we were a duo, so a speak. So, recording the remix of “Yandel 150” with Yankee, and of course, I brought Ferxxo’s glasses to have a good time.

Watch the full video above!

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