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Every Walmart in Portland is closing as anti-cop city leaders allow rampant crime to annihilate retailers –

Written by on 07/03/2023

Image: CITY IN COLLAPSE: Every Walmart in Portland is closing as anti-cop city leaders allow rampant crime to annihilate retailers

(Natural News)
The last two remaining Walmart stores in Portland will be closed by April as the made-in-China retail chain struggles to cut costs and stop the financial bleeding.

Portlanders either do not shop at Walmart or they go there to steal instead of buy things, which has prompted the company to close up shop within the Portland city limits.

On March 24, the Walmart locations at 1123 North Hayden Meadows Drive and 4200 Southeast 82nd Avenue at the Eastport Plaza will no longer be open to the public after the company decided they were not meeting financial expectations.

“The decision to close these stores was made after a careful review of their overall performance,” a spokesperson said.

“We consider many factors, including current and projected financial performance, location, population, customer needs, and the proximity of other nearby stores when making these difficult decisions. After we decide to move forward, our focus is on our associates and their transition, which is the case here.”

A local customer added to this statement by suggesting that the real reason Walmart is leaving Portland is because crime is out of control and eating into the company’s bottom line.

“We’ve got to resolve the shoplifting one way or another,” this person said, “because that is simply the problem. It’s got to stop.” (Related: Walmart is directly responsible for fueling the nation’s opioid crisis, so perhaps Portland is better off without the retail giant’s presence.)

Amazon Go to close numerous stores in New York City, Seattle, and San Francisco

Since the start of the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) scamdemic, some 2,600 downtown businesses have left Portland for greener pastures. Another one of them besides Walmart is Umpqua Bank, which left the city due to rising crime and homelessness.


Like many other American cities, Portland also has a drug problem that is driving businesses away. Used needless and poop piles litter the city’s streets, much like they do in nearby Seattle.

Another company fleeing America’s most crime-ridden cities is Amazon Go, which is shutting down a handful of its retail stores in New York City, Seattle, and San Francisco.

Two Go stores in NYC will shut down, as will two locations in Seattle and four locations in San Francisco. Keep in mind that these Amazon Go stores are relatively new and have hardly been open for any considerable period of time.

All eight of these Amazon Go stores will be closed by April 1, the company announced.

This is just the tip of the iceberg of what is soon to come and what is already in motion. World War III is looming, as is a total economic and financial collapse – and it will be here before you know it.

“Theft is an issue,” said Walmart CEO Doug McMillon about the spike in “shrink” that drove the company’s decision to leave Portland. “It’s higher than what it has historically been.”

“I think local law enforcement being staffed and being a good partner is part of that equation. … If that’s not corrected over time, prices will be higher, and / or stores will close.”

Other stores that are having trouble staying open in Portland due to rampant crime include Nike, Home Depot, and Target.

According to Jeremy Girard of the Oregon Retail Crime Association, shoplifting has reached a “crisis level” in Portland. The worst-affected stores, he says, are losing as much as $5 million per year due to theft.

“Towns and cities came into existence for trade,” one commenter wrote about the situation. “When commerce goes away, what have you but a ghost town waiting to happen?”

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