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Eureka O’Hara on Learning About Drag, Her Love for Jessie J & Tim McGraw – Billboard

Written by on 30/06/2023

RuPaul’s Drag Race star Eureka O’Hara opens up about learning about drag for the first time, her love for Jessie J and Tim McGraw, and more for our Billboard Pride Cover with Maren Morris.

Eureka O’Hara:
I’ll never forget at my sister’s graduation: My dad saw my mom and was like, “Holy cow, you look like a drag queen.” I was like, “What’s a drag queen?” And then literally like that’s how I learned what a drag queen was. I was like, “Oh, I love this!”

Eureka O’Hara on she got into drag:
You know, honestly, like, I I feel like I always was doing some kind of drag as a young child. When I was really young, I started playing with my mom’s clothes and I would duct tape towels to my head and, like, dance around to music. So without me even knowing what drag was, I think I was getting into drag really early. I would love doing my mom’s makeup, but I would always make it really dramatic.

Eureka O’Hara on the first song she ever performed in drag:
It’s actually a song no one knows, I don’t even remember the words to it, but that was called “Pedestal” by Fergie. Literally can’t tell you the words, and I will never forget I walked out on stage with my purse on, and was so scared I didn’t even move. I was, like, barely lip-syncing, looking at the ground. But the whole crowd cheered for me anyway, you know, and it was, like, that weird support and love that, like, gave me this natural adrenaline and happiness that made me just want to keep doing it. I got addicted.

Watch the full video above to see what she says about her love for Jessie J and Tim McGraw, and more!

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