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Dr. Jordan Peterson willing to lose license rather than yield to “petty bureaucrats” and “woke mob” –

Written by on 26/01/2024

Dr. Jordan Peterson willing to lose license rather than yield to “petty bureaucrats” and “woke mob”

Canadian clinical psychologist Dr. Jordan Peterson has pushed back against the mandatory re-education he was ordered to comply with as punishment for his social media posts.

The author and lecturer lodged an appeal to challenge the mandatory social media training enforced by the College of Psychologists of Ontario (CPO), but this was denied. Following this development, Peterson took to X and voiced out his defiance.

“A higher court in Canada has ruled that the CPO indeed has the right to sentence me to re-education camp. There are no other legal avenues open to me now,” a fearless Peterson declared. “It’s capitulate to the petty bureaucrats and the addle-pated woke mob or lose my professional license.” (Related: Jordan Peterson ‘will publicize every single bit’ of forced re-education by Ontario College of Psychologists.)

He ended his post with a stern admonition: “Mark my words, however: The war has barely started. There is nothing you can take from me that I’m unwilling to lose. So, watch out. Seriously. You’ve been warned.”

According to the National Post, Peterson’s motion to annul the Ontario Divisional Court’s order was dismissed by the Ontario Court of Appeal. The lower court had earlier allowed the CPO to enforce social media training on Peterson in August 2023. Aside from the mandatory re-education, the Ontario Superior Court of Justice also charged him $25,000 in favor of the CPO.

Howard Levitt, Peterson’s legal counsel, said they are not able to appeal further. “I think it’s going to be a license to regulatory bodies to be more aggressive,” he commented.

In a Jan. 17 post, Peterson demanded “the entire current crop of minions at the CPO to publicly apologize and resign.” He reiterated his defiance in a separate column for the Post, saying that he stands by everything he said that initially triggered the complaints to the college. Peterson also assured that the loss of his license won’t affect him.

“I regret none of these actions, [and] I would say exactly the same things again. I am independently wealthy. I am also not dependent even on my formal status as a psychologist,” he wrote. “This makes me very unlike my colleagues and fellow professionals, for whom threat to their license is an intolerable threat to livelihood, reputation and family stability, financial and otherwise.”

Peterson: Free speech rights are impaired in Canada

Peterson went on to warn that free speech rights are impaired in Canada, a sentiment repeated by Pierre Poilievre, leader of the Conservative Party of Canada.

“Another outrageous attack on free speech as regulators try to force Peterson into a reeducation program for expressing the politically-incorrect views,” Poilievre wrote on X. “This is the culture of censorship [Canadian Prime Minister Justin] Trudeau has created, and I will reverse [it].”

The psychologist’s legal battle with the CPO goes back more than two years. The college reportedly received a lot of complaints about Peterson’s online behavior throughout 2022. The concerns involved his posts about a plus-sized Sports Illustrated model, whom he said was “not beautiful” and Elliot Page’s gender transition, who he said, “had her breasts removed by a criminal physician.”

In January 2023, Peterson posted a document online describing many of the complaints against him. Most of the complaints revolved around his political comments and the language he employed on social media.

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