Don Warrington speaks out about "heroic" Windrush Generation

Don Warrington speaks out about “heroic” Windrush Generation

WINDRUSH: Don Warrington has said people from the Caribbean who contributed to the UK became invisible

DON WARRINGTON has said the the poor treatment of members of the Windrush Generation “doesn’t surprise [him]”.

The actor, who was born in Trinidad and came to the UK from the Caribbean island with his mother when he was a child, described the Windrush Generation as “heroic” in a recent interview.

Speaking to The Big Issue, Warrington said: “People are very careless about that kind of thing. People don’t realise the history. They are not taught about the contribution these people made or the enthusiasm with which they came.”

The 67-year-old added: “They put up with so much but maintained an affection for this country – and to this day you can still see that in them. And you have a government that is so interested in plugging into what appears to be the popular appeal.

“The fact is that those people were never considered – they became invisible because their contribution was never acknowledged in the first place.”

In an interview with The Guardian in 2016, Warrington spoke about the disconnect that people from the Caribbean can experience living in the UK.

Responding to a question about whether he feels he has a sense of knowing the ground on which he stands in England, he said: “I don’t. Until we can all believe that England is ours, until we can feel part of the fabric, we will feel this slight distance between us and where we live. There will always be another place that is home.”

The Rising Damp actor is currently starring in series eight of BBC One’s Death in Paradise as Commissioner Selwyn Patterson.

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