Dizzee Rascal reveals ‘Body Loose’


FRESH FROM the release of comeback single L.L.L.L featuring MC Chip and the explosive ‘Act Like You Know’ with the Smoke Boys, music pioneer Dizzee Rascal comes with a new single ‘Body Loose’ from his highly anticipated forthcoming album E3 AF​. 

This ginormous track looks to one of the legendary musical eras of the past and samples The Architects classic ‘Body Groove’ as a tribute to UK Garage. 

E3 AF is a 10-track layered, purposeful statement of intent, rooted in Dizzee’s indelible ties to both east London and black British music’s legacy. It’s his first album fully written, recorded and produced in the UK in more than a decade.

And Dizzee sounds sharper, stronger and more self-assured than ever.  The new record is overflowing with new school and OG UK features and Body Loose​ adds further insight into the journey the album will detail. 

With platinum-selling albums, a string of globally recognised awards including the coveted Mercury Music Prize for the seminal ‘Boy In Da Corner’, Dizzee Rascal continues to cement his legacy. 

Recently he was honoured with The Rated Legacy award for, “his contribution to sculpting the sound of grime and changing the face of British music forever.”

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