Discover a wave of new online casinos in 2019

Discover a wave of new online casinos in 2019

BACK IN 2009, the online casino market amounted to around $20 billion. In 2019, that number has ballooned to $55 billion, and every projection for future revenue growth sees that trend continuing.

At the same time, the technology behind this thriving sector has been keeping pace, finding new ways to enhance the smartphone gaming experience, and bringing the sensation of visiting digital casino ever closer to the thrill of playing roulette in Monte Carlo, or beating the slots in Las Vegas.

However, not all new online casino operators add anything new to the mix. Some are just recycling old ideas, with glitzier packaging, and they are definitely businesses to avoid. So what casinos can UK gamblers head to this year for a genuinely new, exciting service? Let’s look at a few arrivals that are really making waves.

Sweet Dreamz for Casino Fans

The casino is perhaps the most exciting of all. Dreamz has been a huge hit in plenty of European markets, offering almost 1,500 games on an impressively fast casino platform, and boasting some of the simplest payment and withdrawal systems yet seen.

Designed for serious slot fans, the casino lets you browse by Studios, so NetEnt or Red Tiger fans can instantly zero in on their new offerings. The site also knows a thing or two about what makes slot fans tick, delivering an endless variety of Wilds to rack up multiple wins.

The whole idea is to allow gamers to “personalise” their experience – essentially giving you the chance to craft a unique casino that’s all your own. It could be a game-changer.

No Wagers, Maximum Fun at PlayOjo

Wagering requirements are a real pain, turning what seems like generous online casino bonuses into ways to cream of money from unsuspecting players. You won’t find any of these scams at, which styles itself as a consumer champion.

Realising that gamblers are tired of sub-standard service, PlayOjo won’t pay out with wagering requirements attached, won’t impose minimum withdrawals, and won’t even stipulate maximum payouts. So the sky is the limit across the casino’s 3,000+ machines.

There’s even a loyalty scheme called Ojo Plus, which delivers points for every bet, whether you succeed or not. It will be fascinating to see how that plays out, and whether PlayOjo meets the high standards it promises.

Speedy Payouts from Casumo

PlayOjo isn’t the only online casino that’s seeking to disrupt dodgy industry practices when it comes to payouts. Casumo is another new entrant which seeks to make payouts as stress-free and fast as possible – something where poor providers often fall down.

In Casumo’s case, slots aren’t the only attraction. Players can dive into table games and live casino games as well, offering a really diverse range of challenges.

As with PlayOjo, there’s a loyalty scheme, this time based around the “Casumo Adventure”. Modelled on fantasy adventures, players accumulate trophies and points, and visit different planets to earn extra spins and bonuses. It’s a creative spin on traditional formats, and should be great fun for players.

So if you’re feeling jaded and tired of your online casino, 2019 offers plenty of alternatives that are doing totally new things with the casino concept.