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Despite the Israeli offensive, Hamas militants are now returning and regrouping in northern Gaza –

Written by on 03/02/2024

Despite the Israeli offensive, Hamas militants are now returning and regrouping in northern Gaza

As the Gaza war extends into its 30th week, recent reports suggest a shift in the dynamics as Hamas militants have reportedly made a return to the northern half of the Gaza Strip.

The conflict, which has predominantly unfolded in the southern regions, has seen Hamas attempting to regroup and reestablish its presence in the north, a territory that the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) had previously brought under control during the early stages of the ground offensive.

According to information from Israeli officials and eyewitnesses, there are indications that Hamas is not only re-mobilizing the northern territories but also attempting to reinstate a system of governance. (Related: Will Israel succeed at dismantling Hamas? Lebanon’s Hamas representative says nah.)

This resurgence has raised concerns among experts and former officials, highlighting the potential implications of Hamas regaining influence in the region.

Eyal Hulata, a former Israeli national security advisor, expressed apprehension about the reported recovery of insurgency in both central and northern Gaza. He noted that there are increasing reports of Hamas engaging in policing activities in the north and attempting to govern trade.

This development is seen as a concerning outcome, suggesting a potential shift in the balance of power within the Gaza Strip.

Michael Milstein of the Institute for National Security Studies, an Israeli think tank, explained the situation, emphasizing that despite the IDF breaking the basic military structure of Hamas in the northern part of Gaza, the nature of Hamas as a flexible guerrilla operation allows it to adapt and continue its activities.

He pointed out that while the IDF’s conventional tactics may work against a regular army, Hamas, operating as a guerrilla force, continues to pose challenges through individual actions like snipers and booby traps.

The complex nature of the conflict is further complicated by Israel’s efforts to prevent displaced Gazan residents from returning to their homes in the active war zone.

The IDF has reportedly dropped leaflets warning refugees in the south against attempting to travel back north. This approach reflects the ongoing security concerns and the difficulty in distinguishing between civilians and combatants.

Additionally, as the war continues, questions arise about Israel’s post-war plans for the Gaza Strip.

While the Israeli government, led by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, has stated that there is no intention to establish a permanent presence in Gaza, recent developments suggest differing perspectives within Israel.

A controversial conference over the weekend saw Israel’s hard-right Security Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir urging Jewish settlers to return to Gaza, leading to condemnation from Palestinians who interpreted it as a call for forced deportations.

Israel facing serious challenges in pursuit of eliminating Hamas

Amid the prolonged conflict between Israel and Hamas in Gaza, the dynamics on the ground reveal the challenges Israel encounters in its pursuit to eliminate Hamas.

The recent rocket attacks launched by Hamas from the northern part of Gaza have challenged Israel’s assertions of having neutralized the group’s military activities. Despite Israel’s emphasis on central and southern Gaza, the resurgence of rocket attacks from the north suggests the resilience of Hamas.

Analysts argue that the recent rocket attacks send a message that Israel’s mission might be faltering. Efforts to destroy Hamas’ extensive tunnel network, crucial for its operations, have proven challenging for Israel.

The complex labyrinth of tunnels remains operational, enabling Hamas to maintain its ability to target Israel.

Despite Israel’s attempts to disrupt the tunnel network, concerns arise about the fate of captives, and leaked conversations reveal potential risks associated with Israel’s strategies.

Israel’s war aims and tactics are taking a toll on Palestinian civilians, contributing to a high number of casualties, including women and children.

While analysts agree that the complete eradication of Hamas seems unlikely, they acknowledge a downgrade in the group’s military capabilities.

However, it is stressed that Israel’s tactics, characterized by collective punishment of Gaza’s civilian population, may inadvertently strengthen the resolve and resistance against Israel.

Watch this video indicating that Hamas is still capable of launching rockets at Israel from sites in northern Gaza.

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