Darts player Deta Hedman targeted by racist abuse

Darts player Deta Hedman targeted by racist abuse

ABUSE: Deta Hedman has been targeted by racists

DARTS CHAMPION Deta Hedman has revealed that she was subjected to racist abuse after she exited the BDO world championship in the first round on Sunday.

Hedman spoke about being moved to tears by the abuse in an interview with The Mirror.

She told the paper that she was called a f****** ugly n***** and told to kill herself in an email.

Hedman, who was born in Jamaica, has said the incident, which she reported to the police, was not her first experience of racist abuse in the sport.

She said: “One prime example: I was in the Czech Republic and a ­person with an English accent ­actually went, ‘I didn’t know they trained a monkey to play darts’.

“This latest message came through after I lost my match on Sunday. I didn’t do a TV interview because I was really quite mad at myself for playing not so well.”

She added: “Afterwards I had a look at my phone to see if there were any ­messages and there was an email ­saying, ‘Go kill yourself you f****** ugly n*****, you’re a disgrace to darts’.

Despite Hedman’s partner, Paul, responding to the abusive email to say that he would forward the content to the sender’s employer, the abuser did not back down.

“Paul sent him an email and he has actually replied – saying exactly the same thing again. Paul said he would send it to the sender’s employer, and he said, ‘He’s racist as well’,” Hedman told The Mirror.

Despite the traumatic abuse, 59-year-old Hedman, a three-time World Masters champion, has vowed to continue playing the sport.

She said: “I won’t give up, that’s for sure.”

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