Councillor speaks out about racist attack on tube

Councillor speaks out about racist attack on tube

RACIST ABUSE: Liberal Democrat councillor Julia Ogiehor (Image: Liberal Democrats)

A LIBERAL Democrat councillor has spoken out about being racially abused on the tube by two white men.

Julia Ogiehor, who represents Muswell Hill, recounted the incident on Twitter.

She said she was travelling home on the tube when two white men sat down in front of her and began repeatedly questioning her about where she was from.

Ogiehor posted a picture of the pair on Twitter with the caption: “According to these vile pigs, I am not English or from this country and I am uneducated. This was literally unprovoked. I was minding my business listening to my music and just going home. But they really wanted to know where I was from and did not accept it when I said London.”

The councillor, who said she was the only black person in the carriage at the time, said the men accused her of being “ashamed” of where she was from and called her “uneducated”.

At one point, one of the men tried to grab her hands.

“I had my hands up saying I do not want to speak to you any more, then one of the guys tried to pull my hands down and demanded I get out of his sight,” Ogihor told The Guardian.

“I recoiled and said please do not touch me, as he kept saying I had no common sense and that I was uneducated at the top of his voice.”

The councillor said that four passengers came to her defence and called the police on her behalf and she also reported the incident to the police.

Ogiehor told The Hampstead & Highgate Express that it was not the first time she had been subjected to racism on public transport and had reported it to the police before.

“I’ve been attacked on the tube before, and when I’ve reported it to the police, I feel like I’ve been under suspicion because I am a black woman so I must be being aggressive,” she told the publication:

She added: “I don’t usually get upset about it, I get angry about sometimes but you just end up getting on with it. You brush it off. This is the reality of the world that we live in, and my life. It’s almost survival. I’m really happy that the two guys came to help me, but I was shocked. People don’t always help.”

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