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Corruption inside the FBI is being exposed now more than ever – Brighteon.TV –

Written by on 17/08/2023

The Prather Point: Corruption inside the FBI is being exposed now more than ever – Brighteon.TV

Former intelligence officer Jeffrey Prather said the corruption in the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is being exposed now more than ever.

“The FBI has become increasingly uncovered for their corruption,” he remarked during the Aug. 11 episode of “The Prather Point” on Brighteon.TV. “Cover is not concealment. But the Deep State’s cover organization – front organization of the intelligence community that runs the Deep State, which is part of the global cabal – is the FBI.”

Prather’s remarks followed the death of Craig Robertson, who was shot by FBI agents during a raid on his home. The Utah resident and former sniper reportedly made threats against President Joe Biden, putting out statements like getting his ghillie suit and M24 rifle. According to Prather, such threats do not adhere with anything a true sniper would do.

The program host also noted how the FBI hit Robertson, who uses a cane to walk properly, as a way to project power it doesn’t have. The Utah resident’s public execution stemmed from him being an easy hit, said Prather. Even Robertson’s neighbors found the claims ridiculous, he added.

Ultimately, Prather said the raid on Robertson’s home wasn’t a valid FBI operation. The Secret Service ought to have been involved as any threats to the president fall under its purview.

Prather: Robertson raid a DISTRACTION away from GBI Strategies exposé

The “Prather Point” host said the real purpose of the raid at Robertson’s home is to distract Americans from the news about the FBI’s warehouse in Michigan. He lauded the efforts of Team America Michigan and other sources in exposing the multi-million dollar GBI Strategies LLC, which the Gateway Pundit wrote about.


“GBI Strategies LLC is a left-wing campaign consulting company run by Gary Bell with a mailing address in Alexandria, Virginia,” the Gateway Pundit wrote. “A quick online search also shows that GBI Strategies, LLC is located in Tennessee.”

According to the outlet, Bell has a “limited presence online” and “keeps a low profile despite his impressive resume.” He manages more than 70 “organizing operations in 20 states and lends “logistical and consulting support to another 7 states.”

The Gateway Pundit said the Michigan headquarters of GBI Strategies – which went out of business in 2017 – is a house located in Southfield. Members of the Michigan State Police (MSP) found burner phones, suppressors and long guns inside the house. This, Prather noted, proves that the residence is a safe house for a government operation.

When the MSP got involved, the FBI stepped in to cover everything up. According to Prather, the bureau entered the scene to conceal the voter fraud – which is part of the election strategies up the government’s sleeves.

The Brighteon.TV host noted how the FBI touts itself as the best law enforcement in the world, a claim he contradicted. Prather cited the testimony of FBI whistleblower Garrett O’Boyle, who called the bureau “an intelligence organization with law enforcement capabilities.” (Related: Prather Point: FBI is a corrupt intel organization with law enforcement function – Brighteon.TV.)

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Watch the Aug. 11 episode of “The Prather Point” below. “The Prather Point” with Jeffrey Prather airs every Friday at 10-11 a.m. and every Saturday at 7-8 p.m. on Brighteon.TV.

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