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Christopher Nolan Praises Taylor Swift’s ‘Eras Tour’ Film Rollout – Billboard

Written by on 19/10/2023

Taylor Swift has the seal of approval from yet another film director. This time, Christopher Nolan stepped up to praise Swift for how she’s chosen to distribute Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour directly through AMC and stated that it was a smart decision.

“Taylor Swift is about to show the studios, because her concert film is not being distributed by the studios, it’s being distributed by a theater owner, AMC, and it’s going to make an enormous amount of money,” the Oppenheimer filmmaker said during an event on Wednesday (Oct. 19). “And this is the thing: This is a format, this is a way of seeing things and sharing stories, or sharing experiences, that’s incredibly valuable. And if they don’t want it, somebody else will. So that’s just the truth of it.”

Nolan’s observation about Swift’s film gross appears to be spot-on. Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour grossed $123.5 million globally over its opening weekend, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The outlet additionally reported that the concert film is the “top-grossing concert pic of all time in North America, as well as ranking as the second-biggest October domestic debut, not adjusted for inflation.” (See the list of the top 10 music concert films of all time here.)

Nolan — whose credits include the Batman trilogy, Interstellar, Inception, Dunkirk and more — is far from the first filmmaker to sing Swift’s praises. Director Shawn Levy, who starred in the “All Too Well” music video, likened the “Anti-Hero” singer’s vision to that of Steven Spielberg.

“Taylor, the depth of her vision for how she wants a creative piece to be, whether it’s a lyric, a melody, a bridge, a concert tour, a video — it’s profound,” he told Entertainment Weekly on Oct. 12. “It’s profoundly vivid, and she has the strength of her convictions.”

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