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Chemist confirms presence of COCAINE RESIDUE on Hunter Biden’s firearm pouch –

Written by on 22/01/2024

Republicans are escalating their demands for the prosecution of Hunter Biden, citing alarming revelations surrounding his Colt Cobra gun. According to recent reports, a chemist confirmed the presence of cocaine residue on the brown leather pouch where Hunter stored his firearm.

Prosecutors led by Special Counsel David Weiss disclosed shocking details about the gun, alleging that Hunter acquired it under questionable circumstances while under the influence of drugs. The firearm is now at the center of a three-count indictment, as Hunter faces charges of dishonesty about his crack cocaine addiction during the gun purchase.

The recent Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) discovery of cocaine in the firearm pouch has ignited a fresh wave of concerns about security measures at the White House.

Earlier in the summer, a bag of white powder was found in a cubby hole near the West Executive entrance, prompting an evacuation of the West Wing and initiating an 11-day investigation once the substance was identified as an illicit drug.

The subsequent Secret Service investigation concluded with no identified culprit due to the absence of surveillance cameras facing the locker area.

Republicans, led by GOP Whip Thomas Earl Emmer Jr., are now questioning the Secret Service’s handling of the incident, emphasizing the need for accountability and a thorough investigation.

Emmer expressed skepticism about the “sweetheart plea deal” that Hunter was set to take, suggesting a potential cover-up.

The GOP’s intensified impeachment investigation into President Biden includes efforts to hold Hunter in contempt of Congress for defying congressional subpoenas. Amid these developments, federal prosecutors revealed the cocaine discovery while pushing back against Hunter’s attempts to dismiss felony gun charges.

Hunter alleges political motives behind the charges, but prosecutors dismiss this as a “conspiracy theory,” emphasizing the evidence against him. This evidence includes incriminating statements in Hunter’s memoir and messages discussing drug usage obtained from his Apple iCloud account.

The court filing meticulously outlines Hunter’s gun purchase, highlighting that he bought the Colt Cobra, an HKS Speedloader, and ammunition – all worth $886.81. Notably, Hunter paid in cash, and his then-girlfriend, Hallie Biden, discovered the weapon in his car, leading to its disposal behind a grocery store.

Hunter could face up to 25 years in prison

Last September, Hunter faced a federal indictment in his home state of Delaware.

The charges alleged that he lied about his drug addiction when purchasing a gun in 2018. The indictment followed the rejection of a plea deal by U.S. District Judge Maryellen Noreika in July, which had aimed to resolve potential tax and gun indictments.

The scuttled deal drew criticism from Congressional Republicans and former President Donald Trump, who deemed it too lenient, leading Hunter’s lawyer to claim that political pressure triggered the charges.

Special Counsel David Weiss argued that Hunter failed to demonstrate that others facing similar actions weren’t charged. Weiss contended that there was no improper political motive behind the prosecution, emphasizing that the charges resulted from Hunter’s own choices and were not influenced by external political noise.

The gun charges are just one facet of Hunter’s complex legal battles. He faces federal tax charges in California for allegedly failing to pay $1.4 million in taxes from 2016 to 2019. (Related: Hunter Biden pleads NOT GUILTY to tax fraud charges in California.)

If convicted on all three gun charges, Hunter could face up to 25 years in prison, though first-time offenders typically receive shorter terms. The charges stem from a statute prohibiting individuals addicted to narcotics from owning firearms.

Hunter sought dismissal of the gun charges, claiming that prosecutors reneged on promises made during the failed plea agreement negotiations. However, Weiss countered that Hunter is fully aware of the grounds for the charges – illegal ownership of the Colt revolver and lying about his addiction.

Weiss highlighted Hunter’s admission of years of drug abuse in a memoir written after the federal investigation was announced in 2020.

Watch this report about the cocaine found in Hunter Biden’s gun pouch.

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