Check out the brand new channel for kids black history


IF YOU’RE looking for a place that teaches key facts about Africa as part of important black history, then search no more.

Specifically for kids, or adults if the case need be, a new YouTube channel will be launching today.

KidsBlackHistory star with Learn about Africa for Kids at 4pm TODAY! (June 17).

In this very first lesson Kids Black History look into:

Africa – The continent
Key facts about African history
Location of Africa on the globe
Ancient Queens of Africa

The videos are designed for Early Years/Foundation Stage and Key Stage One. This would typically be ideal for children between the ages of 2 – 7.

Kids Black History are providing a catalogue of videos weekly to teach children positive black history and give them a sense of representation that they are not currently receiving in their school curriculum or in the media.

Length of videos are suited to engage children with shorter attention spans yet keep them entertained throughout.

Repetition is what helps our little ones learn so please replay videos to your children to consolidate learning.

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Organisers said: “As an educator in secondary school and Head of Year, I am aware of the gaps in our curriculum and what our children crave for in their own black history.

“Please spread the word across all platforms and let’s make KidsBlackHistory everyone’s history!”

Kids Black History upload new videos every week.

Instagram: @kidsblackhistory
Twitter: @kidsblkhistory

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