Channel U set for TV comeback


CHANNEL U is set to return to TV following a two-year hiatus.

The music channel, which broadcast in the UK for 15 years and was later renamed Channel AKA, will make its comeback in November.

Founded in 2003, Channel U gave underground black and urban UK music an unrivalled platform at a time when stars weren’t afforded exposure via mainstream outlets. It contributed to the success of stars such as Dizzee Rascal, Tinie Tempah and Tinchy Stryder.

On its return, the station will showcase classic grime videos and shows. It will also air Against All Odds, a new film about grime music, the BBC reported.

The film, which features some of the scene’s biggest talent, is the work of director and producer Nicky “Slimting” Walker, and actor and filmmaker Femi Oyeniran.

It will premiere on the revived Channel U station on 13 November.


The return of Channel U has been met with lots of support, with fans taking the time to reminisce about their memories of the station.

“Delighted to see it making a comeback, childhood memories galore,” one Twitter user said.

“Channel U is coming back to our TV screens. What a time to be alive. Coming home from school 2000 – 2006 days to grime bangers and budget videos,” another commented.

“Please say we can text in and see our name and message roll across the bottom of the screen,” another Twitter user said.

Others have raised questions over the viability of a TV channel dedicated to grime music at a time when other specialist platforms and YouTube have

“Yea it all sounds well and nostalgic that #ChannelU is coming back, but we need ask ourselves, who really watches TV these days, and ain’t non of you going to be texting the premium number just to get a music video that you can just go on YouTube to watch,” one commenter tweeted.

Another said: “Nice, but they could/should have taken it online instead. It’d be perfect for YouTube/Twitch. They could monetise it so easily.”

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