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Canadian journalist who pushed for CONCENTRATION CAMPS for the unvaccinated has died at 33 –

Written by on 18/12/2023

Canadian journalist who pushed for CONCENTRATION CAMPS for the unvaccinated has died at 33

A Canadian journalist who advocated putting people who refused to get vaccinated against the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) has died suddenly at the young age of 33, with obituaries being guarded about broadcasting his cause of death.

Ian Vandaelle, a former reporter and editor for the Financial Post and a producer of Canadian financial news channel BNN Bloomberg, has passed away at 33 following an unexplained illness, with his death reported on a social media post by fellow journalist and his significant other Stephanie Hughes. (Related: British media ADMITS one in four people who received mRNA COVID-19 vaccines experienced “unintended immune response.”)

“I haven’t been on Twitter for a while because my partner, @IanVandaelle, has been in the hospital since Nov. 18,” wrote Hughes. “It’s with a heavy heart today that I say he was declared neurologically deceased this week and taken [off] life support this morning. He was 33 years old.”

“We will carry on his memory as the kindest, most loving person we could know,” continued Hughes. “He also leaves behind the best friends anyone could ever ask for.”

Hughes has been asked to comment on whether the COVID-19 vaccine caused his death. She has so far refused to answer the question.

Vandaelle advocated for heavy measures against the unvaccinated

Vandaelle has been notorious for years due to using his job as a journalist as well as his platform on social media to advocate for incentives to “encourage” COVID-19 vaccination. One of these incentives is for the implementation of vaccine passports, the termination from employment of those who refuse to take the vaccine, and concentration camps for the most stubborn anti-vaxxers.

“I, for one, advocate we bring the carrot and the stick. Incentivize getting the vaccine however we like – ice cream, lotteries, literally whatever, I don’t care – and require vaccination to do, uh, non-essential things. Wanna go to a bar to watch the game? Passport” Vandaelle tweeted in mid-2021.

While writing and producing for BNN Bloomberg, Vandaelle was also responsible for segments claiming that the way for Canada’s economy to recover from the destructive COVID-19 lockdowns is not through reopening the economy or even through the influx of government cash into the hands of businesses to keep them afloat, but through vaccinations.

“Canada needs a literal shot to the arm far more than a fiscal one,” wrote Vandaelle in an article titled “Vaccines, not stimulus will ease Canada’s COVID hit: Economists.” Published on March 3, 2021, the article included the testimony of so-called economic experts.

“We don’t need either monetary policy or fiscal policy, we need faster vaccine rollouts,” claimed Frances Donald, chief economist and head of macro strategy at Manulife Investment Management, who added that the lack of widespread vaccination programs was what was keeping Canada’s economy from properly reopening and back on a growth path.

Global health authorities still consider the COVID-19 vaccines as “safe and effective,” and claims of side effects are supposedly very rare. Fortunately for COVID-19 vaccine mandate critics, many other Canadians felt victimized by the repressive atmosphere that pervaded the country in 2020 and 2021.

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