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Calle 24 Debuts With Chino Pacas & Fuerza Regida Collab ‘Que Ondo’ – Billboard

Written by on 12/09/2023

Regional Mexican group Calle 24 debuts on the Billboard Hot 100 chart (dated Sept. 16) for the first time, thanks to its new collaboration with Chino Pacas and Fuerza Regida, “Que Onda.”



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See latest videos, charts and news

The song, released Aug. 30 via Street Mob Records, debuts at No. 61 with 7.6 million official U.S. streams in the Sept. 1-7 tracking week, according to Luminate. It also starts at No. 8 on the Hot Latin Songs chart (which uses the same methodology as the Hot 100), becoming the first top 10 for all three credited artists.

Internationally, “Que Onda” debuts at No. 31 on both the Billboard Global 200 and Billboard Global Excl. U.S. charts – and launches at No. 1 on the Mexico Songs chart.

“It has been an unforgettable experience, which doesn’t happen twice in life,” Calle 24 leader Diego Millán tells Billboard. “I am always delighted to work with my partners, with Jesús [Paz, a.k.a. JOP] and my friend Chinito Pacas. We are like a family and we are very excited to be doing this and to be in the top 100 of Billboard. This achievement is something that God has allowed us, and we are here to go further. Thank you very much to all the people who continue to support us and don’t forget the name Calle 24, we are coming strong. ¡Arriba México y arriba la bandera!”

Calle 24 launched in Ciudad Cuauhtémoc, Chihuahua, Mexico. Before this week, the band had charted two songs on Billboard‘s charts, both on Hot Latin Songs in 2021: “Que Esta Pasando,” with Fuerza Regida, reached No. 36 that May and “Los Mire Con Talento,” with Fuerza Regida and Luis R. Conriquez, hit No. 24 that November.

The group has released two studio albums: Mi Nueva Familia in 2021 and Amore De La Calle this March.

Street Mob Records, which includes Calle 24 on its roster and was founded by Fuerza Regida’s frontman Jesús Ortiz Paz (a.k.a. JOP), signed a distribution deal with Cinq Music to distribute the label and expand its opportunities in branding, sponsorships, merchandising and synchronization in June. The deal will also include new talent discovery. The label also features Chuy Montana, Linea Personal and Ángel Ureta.

“Que Onda” is the seventh song on Street Mob to debut on the Hot 100. Here’s a chronological recap:

Fuerza Regida X Grupo Frontera, “Bebe Dame” (No. 25 peak; Jan. 28, 2023)
Chino Pacas, “El Gordo Trae El Mando” (No. 58; May 20, 2023)
Fuerza Regida & Peso Pluma, “Igualito A Mi Apa” (No. 80; May 6, 2023)
Fuerza Regida X Natanael Cano, “Ch Y La Pizza” (No. 68; May 6, 2023)
Fuerza Regida, “TQM” (No. 34; June 17, 2023)
Fuerza Regida, “Sabor Fresa” (No. 26; July 8, 2023)
Calle 24 x Chino Pacas x Fuerza Regida, “Que Onda” (No. 61; Sept. 16, 2023)

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