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BBCH Synopsis  

Break Barriers Caring Hands (BBCH) is a home care agency on now available on the beautiful Island of Jamaica. Services are personalised to enable individuals with or without disabilities to plan and have a support system in place to continue to lead their day to day lives, take a short break, or go on a holiday to destinations of their choice. Home care services are delivered within the customers’ own homes to ensure that their choices are fully respected.   

At BBCH, we work with our customers to design their care and support, their say, their choice delivered in their own homes and to meet the demands of enabling them to break the barriers that everyday life throws at us. We believe that having an alternative to care is important; after all, you have built your home why give it up. 

Without care at home this means the only available option for people including the elderly who need specialised care is to be taken away from their own homes and put into care homes, where they live in order to receive care and support. This option gives your loved ones limited choice, if given a choice they may not choose to live with people they do not know.   

To us, this is a barrier in itself as everyone’s choice and control matter. Whilst care home may be worthwhile, what is even better is care for your loved ones in their own homes, in the spaces they have built over the years and have come to love. Not only does home care (care at home) which BBCH offers benefit your loved ones physiologically, mentally, it puts them in the head space that allows them to be happy and thrive. So, because your choice and control matter, we celebrate outstanding services, banish mediocrity, break barriers, continuously improve and always strive to design your care and support with you—walking our talk in all that we do. 

What we Offer 

Domiciliary Care 

  • Personal care 
  • Hospital appointments 
  • Minimal Gardening 
  • Support to manage your bills 
  • Shopping    
  • All household tasks 
  • Support with pets 
  • Correspondences 

Recreational Activities 

  • Swimming/Spa/Gym 
  • Movies 
  • Visits to historic sites/places of interest 
  • Walking 
  • Transportation from your door to recreational activities  

Day care Services 

  • Local, national, and international sit-ins  
  • Companion escort services 
  • Sleep ins or waking nights 


  • Holiday support for international customers that come to the Island for holiday 
  • Escort service for young people travelling locally or internationally 
  • Tourism 

Pastoral Support 

  • Prayer, communion services and spiritual upliftment in times of wellness 
  • Pastoral care in times of sickness and end-of-life 

BBCH Jamaica is a branch of Break Barriers Ltd; one of the few outstanding Domiciliary Care agencies in Nottingham, UK. BBCH has been in the making since 2018 when the Managing Director of Break Barriers, Andrene Lewis-Longwe, conceived of the idea to expand to the country of her birth, Jamaica, having fully established Break Barriers in the UK. While there are care homes in Jamaica, Andrene thought about professionals and/or people in the diaspora who need extra support for a loved one in their own homes in Jamaica. This is the gap in health and social care in Jamaica that BBCH exists to close.  

Even though BBCH is new in Jamaica, it is standing on the foundation of the parent company, Break Barriers Ltd in the UK. For over 10 years, Break Barriers UK has been offering high-quality social care services and working alongside people with disabilities to support them toward their right to tailored services and access to opportunities that people living without disabilities take for granted. Break Barriers Ltd has assisted people to organise and take part in social and recreational activities including care at home, holidays, and short breaks. In Jamaica, BBCH offers the same set of high-quality services and is committed to supporting toward independence. BBCH will continue to work with its customers to ensure the services remain competitive and meet customer’s needs. 

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