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Bombshell photos, video of UN-sponsored human migration camp at Darien Gap where global migrants assemble for transport to the United States –

Written by on 12/04/2023

Image: EXCLUSIVE: Bombshell photos, video of UN-sponsored human migration camp at Darien Gap where global migrants assemble for transport to the United States

(Natural News)
EXCLUSIVE – PREVIEW – This article will be updated mid-day Thursday, April 13th, with the full video and interview with Michael Yon, via Brighteon Broadcast News. What’s shown here right now is only a small preview. Check back and refresh this article mid-day for the full report and video. founder Mike Adams interviews war correspondent Michael Yon who is on site at the UN migration camp (San Vicente) at the Darien Gap in Panama, where both the United Nations and the USA are funding mass human migration activities to shuttle migrants from all over the world into the United States.

Migrants moving through this UN camp include people from the Middle East, Europe, Haiti and China, among many South American citizens. As part of the interview, I was able to speak with a Chinese couple (in Mandarin) and confirm their country of origin (mainland China) and their destination (the United States).

If you’re wondering why Chinese nationals are pouring through the Darien Gap in Panama, you’re not alone. Very few Americans are aware of this bombshell story, and Michael Yon is breaking the news to a global audience, via (See photos below.)

A massive expansion of the camp is currently under way, helping funnel more migrants across the Darien Gap where they will be transported to the U.S. border to illegally cross into the United States, all with help from the US Dept. of Homeland Security and the Biden administration.

A United Nations program to flood the United States with illegals from around the world

The UN organization pushing this is called the “IOM,” carrying the tagline, “Making migration work for all.” See:


The IOM issues press releases about the mass migration moving through the San Vicente camp. See this article as an example.

Michael Yon joined me on Brighteon Broadcast News for a video tour of the facility, which features buses, tents, a Western Union money transfer, rape kits distributed to women by the IOM (with chemical contraception pills), plus reports of mass rapes, violence and many other examples of human suffering.

The full video will be posted here as it becomes available.

Here are some screen shots from the video to give you a preview of what’s coming:

“Welcome” sign featuring multiple languages from around the world. In Espanol, it says “Migration reception station of San Vicente.”

Notice the OIM logo, “Onu Migracion” which refers to the website in English:

The IOM website shown above.

Notice the logo of the IOM features a shattered world / split world, in which a family is ensnared in a swirling pattern that indicates planet Earth. The message is clear: Use family migration to shatter the world.

This lot is the expansion zone of the UN migration camp, where new construction is planned to greatly increase the human throughput of the facility.

Here’s a Western Union / MoneyGram station where migrants can receive funds to continue their journey to the United States.

A look at one of the busses and tents where migrants are processed and transported North, to head to the United States. This is all funded by the USA and the United Nations.

Here’s a group of mostly Haitians who are very happy and excited to be given government assistance to bypass legal migration routes and simply be transported to the United States and dropped off in U.S. cities, all courtesy of the Biden administration.

Michael Yon is on the scene, giving us the full tour. He has several urgent warnings for America, as revealed in the full video interview.

Michael Yon in front of one of the processing tents where migrants are granted passage and then transported by bus.

Michael Yon showing some of the local military and police who are working hard to stop the violence carried out against the migrants. In this video, Yon describes a firefight where local military hunted down and show Colombian rapists who pursued women through the jungle and raped them mercilessly.

This woman, speaking in Spanish, displays the OIM / United Nations rape kits that are distributed to women who move through these camps. The USA and UN expect these women to be raped, so they give them rape kits which are essentially chemical abortion pills.

See the full tour and report in the video interview, via the HRR channel on (it goes live Thursday mid-day).

Support Michael Yon at – he also has a twitter handle of michael_yon

Much more coming… refresh to check what’s new.

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