Big businesses need to follow the Star Wars way


WHEN JOHN Boyega yelled ‘Look, I don’t know if I’m going to have a career after this, but f___ that,’ at the Hyde Park demonstration against global racist injustices being witnessed on multiple fronts, the black community felt that.

We genuinely worried for his career. Would he get opportuntities again? would he ever be embraced by the powers that be in the movie world because he spoke his truth? Has he ultimately f_____d himself?

No, is the answer to that.

Star Wars, yes, that big old franchise which has had a wonderful impact on brand Boyega since he got involved three years ago, has backed our boy.

They didn’t do it privately either, they let the world know writing on Twitter: “We stand with and support you, @JohnBoyega. View his full speech:

To all big businesses out there, the corporate world, that’s just one way how you can support and erode the type of thinking that contributes to racism, overt, systemic or otherwise.

The black community are watching the ones who stay silent with a keen eye.


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