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BIA Talks Working With Timbaland, Busta Rhymes & Her Makeup Brand – Billboard

Written by on 29/07/2023

Bia talks about how it was to work with legends like Busta Rhymes and Timbaland on songs like “Beach Ball” and “I’m That B*tch”, her latest album ‘Really Her’, her makeup brand Beauty. For. Certain, the Latin artists she’s working with & more!

Why does everybody’s mom always ask them who’s feeding me? Girl, me maybe that’s the problem.BIA and this is Billboard News

Neena Rouhani
Hey everybody, this is Neena Rouhani with Billboard News and we are here with Bia.

Neena Rouhani 0:34
So Bia tell me a little bit about, what kind of 2023 you’re having, what have you been up to?

Oh, it’s been so busy, literally so many shows, trying to record in the midst of the shows and keep the creative going. And also, like, I’ve started a lot of business ventures

Neena Rouhani
talk to me about your makeup line a little bit.

Well, I’m a girl’s girl. Of course. I love makeup. I just love glam. I love beauty. I just wanted to implement all the things that I use for beauty and put them into my everyday routine. Make them easy for like everyday people to get glam every single day. What’s your favorite products, I would say the cabo rojo lip gloss. That lip gloss just looks like just wet lips.

Neena Rouhani
I love that obviously like you’re very into fashion. We always see with what you’re wearing. In this amazing picture, I love what you’re wearing. I love what you’re wearing now, you recently worked with Savage x Fenty. So tell me about that experience?

Oh, that was amazing. You know, I’m a big fan of Rihanna. I love her. And just everything she stands for. So when she asked me to open the show, it was for my song, “Covergirl” And I just felt like that song represents just women as a whole. So it was just a beautiful moment. And I love lingerie. I love getting sexy. I love having my girly moments. So it was perfect.

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