Beatbox opportunity of a lifetime with SK Shlomo


CHILDREN AROUND the world will this week have the opportunity to be a part of an amazing global experiment to create a mass piece of beatbox video art.

During this Thursday’s penultimate show in Homeskool Beatbox Adventures with Shlomo families will be challenged to film themselves performing the Kindness Anthem that they have been composing in collaboration over the past four weeks since the project began on May 7.

Finding confidence in your voice is extremely empowering – even more important when so many of us are feeling disconnected

SK Shlomo

The clips will then be edited together into a mass charity music video over the next week before being unveiled as the finale of the project on June 11.

Since its inception the weekly show, hosted by world-record breaking beatboxer SK Shlomo, has reached an audience of over 150,000 families from all over the planet.

Viewers from Australia, Canada, the USA, Europe, Japan and Thailand as well as a huge audience in the UK have tuned in every week since Shlomo began his unique online beatboxing lessons at the start of May.

Celebrity guests on the show over the past few weeks have included Bill Bailey, KT Tunstall and BBC Radio 1’s Dr Radha with Bastille and Basement Jaxx still to come.

The weekly livestreamed interactive show has aimed to empower kids and their families to find their true voices, create their own music and to become more confident.

They have also helped to raise vital funds for the NHS at the same time.

They have already surpassed their fundraising target for NHS Charities Together and are hoping to raise even more money over the final two weeks.

In order to involve as many families as possible SK Shlomo has partnered up with over 80 music venues and theatres to simulcast the free weekly educational show on their digital platforms to thousands of homes worldwide.

Blown away by the suport recieved SK Shlomo said: ““This has been such an inspiring project – the families have brought so much joy every week.

“Finding confidence in your voice is extremely empowering – even more important when so many of us are feeling disconnected. 

I’m blown away by how many people have come together, connecting the world up and raising these vital funds for our NHS.”


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