Barbados PM speaks of 'horrors' of Hurricane Dorian

Barbados PM speaks of 'horrors' of Hurricane Dorian

Mia Mottley has warned against the impact of climate change on the Caribbean

THE PRIME minister of Barbados has spoken of the “horrors” of Hurricane Dorian – and linked it with climate change – on a flying visit to the UK.

Mia Mottley spoke in London fresh from surveying the disaster in the Bahamas first-hand with the Caribbean’s governmental organisation CARICOM.

She warned that the Caribbean was on the “front line of the battle” against climate change even though it was not to blame for the crisis.

Mottley said that Hurricane Dorian had “reaped absolute horror upon the Bahamas”.

She added: “This hurricane sat on the Bahamas for 36 hours.

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