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Anthropological societies BAN all discussion about biological sex and science to protect “trans and LGBTQI communities” –

Written by on 30/09/2023

Anthropological societies BAN all discussion about biological sex and science to protect “trans and LGBTQI communities”

Two of the world’s leading anthropological associations have bowed down to the Cult of LGBT by promising to cancel all further discussion of biological sex in the field of anthropology.

On September 25, the American Anthropological Association (AAA) and the Canadian Anthropology Society (CASCA) released a letter announcing the cancelation of an upcoming conference panel called, “Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby: Why biological sex remains a necessary analytic category in anthropology” because talking about biological sex is upsetting to transgenders.

According to AAA and CASCA, it is necessary to stop talking about biological sex in relation to anthropology because doing so “harms” the “trans and LGBTQI communities.”

“The reason the session deserved further scrutiny was that the ideas were advanced in such a way as to cause harm to members represented by the Trans and LGBTQI of the anthropological community as well as the community at large,” the rejection letter from the two groups further reads.

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Trannies are abolishing all science, and society (so far) is just letting them

The annual meeting to address the importance of biological sex in anthropology was originally proposed by panel participants and accepted by the two groups until the Cult of LGBT apparently intervened and warned that the proposed subject matter would venture too far into “controversial” territory by daring to talk about actual science.


“There are multiple domains of research in which biological sex remains irreplaceably relevant to anthropological analysis,” the panel participants originally tried to argue to the two groups before the inevitable LGBT cancelation, adding that there are many things about anthropological science that cannot simply be substituted with “gender” in order to satisfy the demands of transgenders.

“Contesting the transition from sex to gender in anthropological scholarship deserves much more critical consideration than it has hitherto received in major disciplinary fora.”

In their rejection letter, the AAA and CASCA implied they had no choice but to cancel the panel “at the request of numerous members the [sic] respective executive boards of AAA and CASCA.”

“This decision was based on extensive consultation and was reached in the spirit of respect for our values, the safety and dignity of our members, and the scientific integrity of the program(me),” the rejection letter further explains.

Six of the panelists in a response to the letter – all of them serious scholars – expressed confusion “at the AAA / CASCA adopting as its own official stance that to support the continued use of biological sex categories (e.g., male and female; man and woman) is to imperil the safety of the LGBTQI community.”

These same panelists further pointed out that they themselves are “a group of diverse women, one of whom is a lesbian,” and yet they still want to address the importance of biological sex in matters related to anthropology.

“In addition to having three fields of anthropology presented in our panel, our panel also included anthropologists from four countries with three languages – an international panel concerned about the erasure of women,” the panelists further tried to argue, noting that the cancellation “looks very much like an anti-science response to a politicized lobbying campaign.”

In the conclusion of their response, the panelists noted that anthropologists everywhere around the world are sure to “rightly find chilling this declaration of war on dissent and on scholarly controversy.”

“It is a profound betrayal of the AAA’s principle of ‘advancing human understanding and applying this understanding to the world’s most pressing problems.'”

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