Amos Drops ‘Letter To Boris’


AFTER ILLUMINATING the nations Saturday nights on ITV with his knock-out performances of Wiley’s track Boasty and AJ Tracey’s Ladbroke Grove, The Voice Kids semi-finalist Amos, releases a jaw-dropping statement in his new release ‘Letter To Boris’.

At just 14 years of age, Amos’ appearance in front of a live studio audience and millions of viewers, stood out for its confidence, originality and maturity beyond his years.

Whilst dropping his own lyrics to two of the UK’s biggest hits in British Black Music from the past 18 months and clearly loving the UK Rap scene, he then took the nations breath away by boldly hitting the semi-final with his self-penned, powerful record ’No Violence’.

The Voice Kids UK wrote on their Facebook “It takes a very special talent to bring an original song to life at the Voice Kids. Amos, you’re an inspiration”, as the star was discovered in front of our very eyes. 

Filming his own music videos at school and being fuelled by passion to talk about conscious, impactful content in his bars, Amos has connected to a multi-generational following as his peers relate to his pleas and older generations hear his words with hope.

New single ‘Letter To Boris’ hears Amos articulately sew together impactful lyricism and social commentary with awareness to the political and social climate that vocalises his truth and the shared truth through the eyes of the youth of today.

Packing even further punch by releasing the single at the start of Black History Month, ‘Letter To Boris’ opens with the powerful Martin Luther King excerpt  ‘I Have a Dream’, as the deeply emotive track outlines his environment and the scenes he witnesses, as he performs, tracksuit clad, against the backdrop of council estate Britain and the wishful eyes of his peers who need more from a broken system.

The compounding landscape of struggle and a warped system is moons away from the luxuries of the UKs most affluent, ‘My shoes bro you couldn’t walk a mile in them’, outlining a substantial disconnect as he highlights the stark difference in the lifestyles of both realities. 

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