Ambush Buzzworl: “I Got two Giggs features on the album, only Drizzy got that”


AMBUSH RELEASED AMB – About my Business back in 2012 and he remarks ‘when I was just a young kid’. This one entitled AMB – Ask My Brother, comes as Ambush has created serious waves in the UK music industry and overseas. Who can forget ‘Jumpy’ and the buzz that created?

The album and tracks released so far such as ‘Winners’ and ‘Eastenders’ resort to a more dark gritty direct style of rap, and Ambush says this is where he is at his best. “It’s funny because people think Jumpy was my first track, and say my sound has changed, If you go back to Blood in 2017, that’s a lot more hard hitting and that’s my preferred style of rap.

It’s straight bangers man, you already know I come with bangers, that’s it, this is a real rap album, its’ direct, hard hitting


“Throughout the album you’ll hear me showing different ways that I can rap, different themes, showing what I can do.”

There are some interesting features on the album, including a cameo from D Double E, Ms Banks, C Biz and finally a double inclusion from Rap Godfather Giggs, I get the impression that Ambush will only have features from people he likes and finds interesting.

He says: “One million percent man, and I’ve got two Giggs tracks on there you knoq, only drake has that”-

“Make sure you put that in,” he tells me with a big grin, very happy with his coup.

On working with the SN1 star he says: “He’s great man he’s like my big brother I love working with him, from touring, from everything I love working with Giggs man he’s a proper guy..

“All the features on there are inspirations of mine, growing up with RA, D Double, Giggs to my brother which is Presi Pros and Rowdy got a feature on there as well, there my favourite rappers from the UK.”

Ambush’s videos have always set him apart from other up and coming rappers, the high-quality production often matches that of the tracks, creating visuals that tell a story. He has also incorporated the Buzzworl brand into everything he has done from day one, the logo now recognised up and down the country.

I spotted it hidden on an umbrella in one of his newer videos and asked him about it he says: “Ah you saw that, yeah Buzzworl is delivering, I’m trying to push the whole brand, be a mogul, get a Rockerfella bad-boy type situation going on, as I’ve got a lot of people around me that are talented so I just want to push us and what we’re doing to the forefront of the music.”

On his own thoughts on the album, he is proud of the body of work. He enthsued: “It’s straight bangers man, you already know I come with bangers, that’s it, this is a real rap album, its’ direct, hard hitting. It says how I’ve been feeling and what’s been going on in my life for the last few years.”

Ambush’s style is what sets him apart from other rappers, he will often drop a hilarious one liner over a seriously dark beat that just makes you chuckle as it’s so out of place. I ask if he does this deliberately as it’s something I’ve noticed in his tracks. He says yeah man it’s just a reflection of my personality, I like to be brazen, it’s all a bit doom and gloom sometimes with the rapping so I do like to add the comedic element into it, just to add a real-life element, we are still human you know?”


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