Afro Dance Xplosion – 2020 – “And Still We Dance!” – Ten year anniversary


(ADX), which brings together some of the hottest African diaspora dance practitioners to

deliver a dynamite weekend of classes, workshops plus a showcase. This year ADX will

be a Zoom festival, featuring two showcases on Zoom plus three Zoom/in-person


ADX is being held Friday, 23rd October to Sunday, 25th October 2020. This year we are

celebrating ADX’s 10th anniversary, bringing together artists from Africa, the Caribbean, the USA and the UK to represent the African diaspora in all its glory!

The ADX – 2020 – Showcase, Friday 23rd & Saturday 24th October 2020 @ 7pm, will premier a new work, by David Blake of Blake Arts from his current project, Melanin Migration: Brothers In Arms, plus selected pieces from the last 5 years of

Danzel Thompson-Stout: Voice of the Black Man

Adriano Oliveria Danza: Energy

Artistry Youth Dance: Temptation

Noire Dance Company:  Rhythm

Cie la calebasse de Merlin Nyakam: Mami Watta

BOP Jazz Theatre Company: I, You, We Rise

Impact Youth: Freedom

Coleman Collective: Nina’s Closet

Difé Kako: Mario

The Berry & Nance Dance Project: Son Light

Classes and workshops, Saturday 24th & Sunday 25th October 2020, are being led by

Georges Momboye (The Ivory Coast/France), “H” Patten (UK) and Cori D. Lionne


Come join us and celebrate Black History Month (UK) with the diversity of dance and music in the African Diaspora at ADX – 2020 – “And Still We Dance!”

Go to for additional information and tickets!

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