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A Symphony of Innovation, Creating a Financial Phenomenon Beyond Sum of Its Parts – Billboard

Written by on 16/08/2023

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In the relentless pursuit of innovation that defines today’s financial landscape, few events stand like Triller’s public listing. As a company at the intersection of AI technology, influencer marketing, combat sports, and entertainment, Triller’s announcement of its filing for a public listing on the NYSE represents a defining moment in investment history. With Cantor Fitzgerald as its bank and Citadel as its market maker, it has attracted leaders in the financial industry to ensure the brand is successful.

Here’s an in-depth look into why Triller’s listing is one of the most exciting of 2023:



See latest videos, charts and news

See latest videos, charts and news

Triller’s AI, initially called Amplify.AI, has redefined user experience. Tailoring content to individual preferences, this innovative tech not only improves user experience but also opens up avenues for monetizable interactions, breaking 750 million every quarter. With comparisons to Open.AI and a valuation north of $23 billion for OpenAi’s similar technology, Triller’s AI machine stands as a significant pillar of growth.

Leveraging influencers has been a transformative element for Triller. Starting with deals with virtually all of the top 100 influencers in the world, Triller followed up by acquiring and building Julius, connecting over 25,000 brands with 2.2 million influencers as one of the largest influencer marketing platforms today. 

Julius used by many of the largest companies in the world is effectively an EBAY for influencers and other brands alike. Triller has created a unique ecosystem, allowing it to navigate a crowded market with finesse, and have a very unique offering to brands, influencers and users. 

While it may not seem natural, Triller’s journey into combat sports further deepend its offering, user base and connectivity. When Triller put on the Tyson V. Jones pay per view extravaganza, it was considered a very risky move. Many didn’t believe it would work and were quick to dismiss it as a soon to be failed experiment.

 Triller,  however, seemed to understand that its unique AI, which finds users or customers from its patterns across the various social media networks, connecting them with relevant brands, products or offerings, could also apply to digital products, not just physical. 

As Combat Sports both crossed into influencer marketing and the core audience was used to paying for it as a product, Triller was able to capitalize on these trends. By using its AI to push digital PPV’s it was able to create what went on to become the most successful Digital PPV event of all time, of its kind. It followed this up with a number of events including the Jake Paul, Ben Askren, The Trillerverz events, setting numerous records, including Verzuz being 8 of the top 10 live Instagram events of all time; and eventually its acquisition of BKFC and FiteTV. 

Although Triller presented itself as a pre-revenue company in 2020 it recognized $3.7 million in 2020. Its growth from 2020 to 2021 was approximately a 7x increase, and it has double both from 2021 to 2022 and projects to double again from 2022 to 203 reaching over a  projected $100 million+ in 2023. The numbers narrate a tale of unprecedented growth, driven by strategic planning, innovation, and adaptation to market trends.

Triller’s story is a financial odyssey that started as a platform for short music videos. The proposed TikTok ban first catapulted Triller into a global sensation, when it became the only app to ever reach number one app in the app store in 80 countries. Since that time the company has steadily been building its user base which now stands tall with over 500 million registered users and it effectuates more than 750 million interactions per quarter, driven by an understanding of market dynamics and agility.

Triller’s public listing on the NYSE is a momentous occasion that could resonate throughout the financial and tech worlds. In the era of relentless innovation, Triller is leading the way. The Triller story illustrates that when the right components align, not only can 1 + 1 equal more than 2, it can equal more than 10. A lesson for entrepreneurs, investors, and businesses alike, the Triller phenomenon is a masterstroke in financial innovation, and its reverberations may be felt for generations to come.

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