5 ways to get more out of your money transfers to Kenya

5 ways to get more out of your money transfers to Kenya

DO YOU send money to Kenya regularly or even occasionally? If so, you are contributing to a big increase in remittances. Kenya witnessed a 51% growth in remittance inflow between March 2017 and March 2018, reiterating the economy’s dependence on diaspora remittances.

The money sent home helps families meet expenses like food, housing, healthcare and education. In case of a surplus, remittances are also stowed away as savings or used as an investment.

Have you given careful thought to the best way to transfer your money? Did you know there are plenty of options, and it pays to shop around for a provider who can meet all your needs? If you want your money to go further, and to be received in the way your recipients would like it, here are a few things to consider.

Costs rank high on every remitter’s priority list. No one likes an intermediary taking a hefty cut of their hard-earned cash. More often than not, people think of bank-to-bank transfers first when they want to send money overseas.

But this is usually the most expensive route characterised by exorbitant fees, unfavourable exchange rates and far from the quickest route. It would be better to consider a dependable money transfer organisation where that moves your money safely and securely. Xpress Money is a global money transfer company that offers highly competitive rates which are easy to check using the company’s currency calculator.

Speed is another important aspect to consider. Here again, financial heavyweights like banks may not be up to speed with their money transfer services. Xpress Money, on the other hand, is powered by technology that can make instant transfers round the clock.

Versatility is a key deciding factor within remittances. How do you want to send your money? How do you want it to be received at the other end? Xpress Money covers all the bases, giving you choice as well as speed and economy. For example, you can send money to a bank account or to be picked up in cash. You can also send it to a mobile wallet – one of the swiftest and most convenient money transfer methods today. In some cases, the money transfer organization provides you with an option to get your remittance delivered at your door.

Convenience and reach are hallmarks of Xpress Money. While you can choose from various delivery methods, you also stand to gain easy access to hundreds of local agents spread across Kenya. Whoever you’re sending money to, you can be sure there will be Xpress Money agents somewhere close by where they can collect money without having to travel far.

Safe and secure transactions are non-negotiable when it comes to remittances. It is important that your money reaches the hands of those it’s intended for, in a safe and secure manner. Xpress Money has a highly secure technology infrastructure and is fully compliant. Moreover, you can track your money from the point of departure to the point of delivery and retrieval. It is worth noting that Xpress Money has strong partnerships with trusted names such as Co-operative Bank of Kenya, Diamond Trust Bank, Chase Bank, Kenya Commercial Bank, Unimoni and Gulf African Bank.

Next time think through, before you send money to Kenya. Think about cost and convenience, speed and flexibility, security and reputation. Pick an affordable and dependable provider that meets your preferred method of delivery, whether it is a mobile wallet transfer, cash pickup or account credit. Choose Xpress Money for safe, secure and cost-effective money transfer.

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