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4 Mexican drug cartels are operating inside Colony Ridge migrant settlement –

Written by on 01/10/2023

HOUSTON, WE HAVE A PROBLEM: 4 Mexican drug cartels are operating inside Colony Ridge migrant settlement

Situated approximately 20 miles northeast of downtown Houston, Colony Ridge has become a favorite haven for illegal immigrants over the past decade. But the settlement poses a threat to national security, given that four Mexican drug cartels operate within it.

Todd Bensman, a senior national security fellow at the Washington, D.C.-based Center for Immigration Studies (CIS), disclosed this issue during an interview with the Daily Wire. He confirmed that four cartels are operating within the settlement, and noted the “very thin” presence of law enforcement in the area. According to Bensman, Immigration and Customs Enforcement doesn’t enforce the law in Colony Ridge – an “appealing” proposal for border crossers planning to live and work illegally in the United States.

Bensman wasn’t alone with his concerns regarding Colony Ridge. He found an ally in the person of Rep. Brian Babin (R-TX), who shared rumors he heard about the cartels “playing a role” in the area.

“It was very concerning to fly over it,” the congressman remarked. “It’s got an enormous footprint. In the three years since I last saw it, it looks like it’s pretty much doubled in size.”

Babin’s remarks indeed hold true, as the community measuring 60 square miles has grown to 75,000 residents – thanks to the efforts of Texas developer William “Trey” Harris. He conducts these land sales through his development firm Terranos Houston, predominantly utilizing Spanish-language marketing channels.

“They’re actually building a city,” said independent journalist Michael Yon. “I don’t know how many [illegals live] there now, but this is going to be big enough for 200,000 people.”


The backdrop against which this controversy unfolds is a surge in migration within the U.S., leading to heightened border crossings and strained shelter capacities. Despite the Biden administration’s efforts to address this issue, including initiatives like the CBP One app, the number of migrants seeking entry remains elevated. (Related: TREASON: Biden regime coordinating with Mexican government to secretly facilitate mass illegal migrant INVASION.)

Colony Ridge plots sold cheap, but come with HIGH interest rates

Harris is under fire over accusations of him selling land at Colony Ridge without imposing any requirements for income verification or credit checks. This lax approach to land sales has purportedly attracted thousands of illegal migrants – and cartel operatives too.

According to Bensman, virtually anyone can easily purchase land for low prices at the settlement as Terranos Houston doesn’t do background checks. “With a traditional bank loan, you need to be able to show that you have a credit rating and proof of income,” he said. The downside is that the land will often come with interest rates as high as 15 percent, since “the loan is directly from the developer.”

The CIS senior fellow noted that Colony Ridge’s expansion has been going on “under the radar [for] the last 10 years. He continued: “It is probably thousands and thousands of acres under development. I’m guessing that they expect to be able to sell to a lot of the folks that are coming over right now.”

Brent Lane, a lawyer for Harris, responded by accusing rival developers of feeding lies to the media. “These unsubstantiated accusations are defamatory and slanderous, and will be treated as such,” he said. Meanwhile, Colony Ridge officials asserted that all infrastructure within the settlement complies rigorously with local regulations.

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